Thursday, 5 April 2012


Today Violet finished Term 1 of Year 1. She took part in the Easter Hat Parade again but this year was extra special as this time last year she was in her wheelchair, so was nice to see her be able to walk this year.

I am currently trying to decide whether to apply for a place in a support unit in a mainstream school for Violet. Went and visited one last Thursday and it was very impressive compared to a different unit I visited 2 years ago. I am just trying to make "that" decision.

Going from a mainstream class with 4.5 hours one on one aide time to a small support class with no one on one as such, makes my decision hard also. The fact they are smaller classes would definitely help I would think. Violet has been noticing she can't do things the same as her peers and it is having a huge impact on her socially, psychologically etc.

Currently at break times at school no one plays with her and she just sits with her teacher's aide alone. Teacher's aide has tried bringing a picnic rug in to the school to invite more children to sit with Violet at least so she can eat lunch with some of her peers.

One of my issues with applying for a placement at a support unit is that the decision of what support unit your child goes to is decided by a regional panel. For Violet the only 2 support units is the one I saw last week (1st preference) and the one I couldn't stand 2 years ago (not an option). If I go ahead in applying, I am going to have to sell the fact that I will be working in that area closer to Violet's school, Em's high school etc. Makes no sense to travel in completely different directions for Violet's school, Em's and my work.

Weaning off one seizure med to another is going smoothly so far with no breakthrough seizures as yet. Headaches still there but hoping in 1 month once she is has been fully weaned from Epilim onto Keppra they will be gone.


Alison said...

Apply! Apply! You can always turn down any offer if you change your mind. Would love to see you at school. I have been very happy so far.

PS - Not commenting much at the moment due to circumstances but am still reading and looking at all your lovely pictures :)

Sarah said...

Oh Alison, your girls school is awesome. Only 12mins from us on the highway :)

I totally understand, didn't expect you to comment for months and months. Thinking of you all constantly x

Missy said...

It must be hard in lots of ways to switch from mainstream to a support unit but I guess the benefits will be amazing. Wish you lots of luck and positive thoughts and hope it is an easy decision to make for Violet x x