Monday, 6 February 2012

Cerebral Palsy Clinic

This afternoon Violet had her Cerebral Palsy Clinic review.

Weight 32.7kg's
Height 130cm

They are very happy with her recent Botox results in her arm/hand. They are however concerned about her foot and leg that were operated on last year. They agree with the surgeon that she will require more orthopaedic surgery sooner than expected and of course as she has growth spurts over the years more again. They did understand my hesitance in jumping straight into agreeing to this kind of surgery again and so soon.

Her last hip x-ray last year showed a migration percentage of 20% and she will have another x-ray this year around the time she turns 7.

They are concerned about her crouch gait on her right side and they would like her AFO adjusted to help this as much as possible for now. She is having her next casting for her new AFO very soon so that is good to know beforehand.

Her right hamstring is now an issue which makes sense when she has a crouch gait and they suggested getting Botox Clinic to put some Botox in them next round in May. Failing that working, it would be another thing they need to do with her next lot of orthopaedic surgery.

They advised me I should have a long hard think about putting Violet in a support class from Year 3 and if I was to agree, I would need to apply for that next year. Such a huge decision to make...

While there I had to get another letter from them to state that Violet still has Cerebral Palsy for the Department of Education as each time her funding is reviewed annually they need a current letter. Can you believe they need another letter to confirm she still has Cerebral Palsy?!? New flash:  Not something one grows out of unfortunately idiots!


Big brother, Little sister. said...

That is some good weight there! Sorry to hear about surgery and also having to make a school decision. it really sucks haivng to apply each year, that is not the case with our funding, coop has it till grade 6 ends. Does your current school have a support class?

Alison said...

I really hope you can avoid surgery for as long as possible. Come to our school!!!

Di said...

I can't believe they need an annual confirmation that your child still has a disability. That is nuts. What a waste of your time and the doctor's time.

I hope your able to put off the surgery too.

Good luck making school decision. I hope things have started a little better this year x