Wednesday, 22 February 2012

At a loose end

Headaches Are...

Just don't know what to do about Violet's daily headache situation. It's been getting worse recently. She goes to sleep with them and wakes during the night numerous times with them and then wakes with them to start her day :(

I get alot of headaches myself and just couldn't imagine having them like Violet is. Life is just not enjoyable when life it like that!

She is seeing her Neurologist again on 12th March and then her Neurosurgeon on 13th March to get her ICP results. I assume her Neurologist will start her on some different meds to try and manage these. Hope he finds better meds than he has tried to date for them unsuccessfully.

Guess it's better than her living on pain meds and going through those weekly, can't be good for her long term.



Alison said...

How frustrating - and how miserable for Violet. I really hope you get some answers and a better solution soon.

Missy said...

Gosh I cant imagine having such a bad headache so often. I really hope their are some answers for you and for Violet and that you find a treatment that works for her