Thursday, 24 November 2011

Genetics Appointment

DNA Molecule display, Oxford University

This morning Violet had her annual genetics review. Sadly another visit that revealed no answers as to why Violet is Violet.

The search continues and I am thankful that Violet is currently stable in general and with her hemihypertrophy and her overgrowth syndrome yet to be classified.

The good news from her recent abdominal MRI is that she has no vascular lesions in the abdomen or impacting on her organs as they originally thought!

She was pretty well behaved for her appointment considering there was 7 people in the room examining her as per usual for her geneticist appointments.



Missy said...

Well done to Violet for coping with having 7 doctors in the room during your appointment.

Must be frustrating not to have answers.

Very glad to hear her MRI gave her the all clear of any lesions.

April said...

I'm sorry there are no answers- but this we do know- violet is one special girl- as is her mother!

Alison said...

Sorry you still don't have any answers :(

Mazzmerise said...

well done to Violet with dealing with 7 people checking her over, wow that is good Alex gets angry with more than 2

it would be so annoying to still have no real answers :(

so happy to hear MRI was clear of anything

Rosalie said...

That sucks that there are no answers, glad to hear about the MRI x

Di said...

7 people! wow. What an appointment. Well done to her for coping well. Glad it's only an annual apt. Great news too on the MRI. But I am sorry that you still don't have any answers :-(.