Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tantrum City

Well, where do I start this post...the title explains alot of what is going on.

After a few years now of Violet being defiant, oppositional and even at times aggressive, I finally had enough yesterday morning and it was only 8.30am (had only been up for 1 hour by that stage) It all started over Violet expecting me to drive her to Anthony (from The Wiggles) house.

Her behaviour make me feel upset, helpless...defeated.

Violet's meltdowns last for up to 1 hour and you can only imagine how emotionally draining that is when a child is being so naughty and then turn on you with aggression. It is always over something so small or even nothing.

She has been assessed by the Child Development Unit at the hospital and they did say she has massive developmental delays (which I knew of course) but also many flavours of autism but not a diagnosis of autism.

I really am unsure how to deal with this behaviour; I have tried a course, tried my own strategies, talked to psychologists about Violet and still nothing seems to be helping.  It's very hard to detach yourself emotionally while dealing with it.

I try to go through my life looking as if I am coping and most days I don't do too bad a job of that. But eventually it all gets to be too much and I crumble.

Really feeling so helpless and I think I will have to use some of Violet's Better Start funding for private psychologist to get further help.

Hoping our 3 day weekend down the coast with the kids and dogs may help me de-stress even if only for a little while...


Alison said...

Unfortunately we can relate to the tantrums. It so hard to know how to deal with them because things that work with my other children just don't work on Ashlea.

I have no words of wisdom but seeing a psychologist sounds like it could be a good idea.

I hope you all enjoy your break away too - sounds like you really need it.

Big brother, Little sister. said...

sarah xxx sending you much love xx i often think behaviour stuff is way harder to handle than the physical differences.

The Henrys said...

That's a tough situation. We are in the same boat and find it very hard to continue to deal with. Good luck with getting some help and I hope the few days away helps!

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

I too have no words of wisdom, sorry Sarah...

... but I do know where Anthony Wiggle lives if that helps in any way!?

Big hugs, Susan xx