Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Last Friday while I was at TAFE, I received a phone call from the school to say Violet's eye had stated bleeding everywhere again. So, I left TAFE to collect her and on doing so found her with her face still covered in blood, no basic first aid to even clean the area had been performed. As I know this can be done by the school (using gloves obviously) as this is covered in the course I am currently studying, I was not impressed nothing was done at all!

I took her to the GP straight away and he advised me she now had an eye infection. She started AB's that night and by Monday we could see her whole eye again which was great. Not only better for vision but so I could see the full extent of the damage to her eye.

We are off to see the Opthamologist tomorrow to check her eyes anyway and will obviously have her vision and health checked for this eye. She has had huge amounts of pain in that eye since the fall. Have everything crossed all is okay still.

I did bring the issue up with the Principal about the 'zero' basic first aid that was given and he told me they are very restricted in what they can do...well they did nothing...surely they could have cleaned her face at the very least! He even added a note to this weeks newsletter stating that they can only administer basic first aid..."Hey newsflash, you did NOTHING!"

Today, we were back to the hospital for an Orthotist appointment to fix her AFO as it broke near the hinge, so that is all fixed for now and if it breaks again, they will need to mould her for a new AFO.

In other news:

She has Botox on 2nd November for her arm/elbow/hand.


Alison said...

So glad the eye is looking better - I hope you get good news at your appt tomorrow.

Will you keep Violet in that school do you think?

Sarah said...

Really don't know what to do as I am torn between various factors:

1.Her general well being,care and academic support needed to improve.

2.In 2013, Em is starting at Hawkesbury High School most likely and this will have to come into the plans as to where V is to go to school as I don't want to be driving here, there and everywhere.

3.Then also where I may be working and mange being able to get them to where they need to attend school and where I need to work.

Mazzmerise said...

glad her eye is improving
the school could always clear blood up as even basic first aid is to clean up grr at them, good luck with the new school dicission I am maybe looking at different schools for us to but $$ is the issue as we went private and not cheap.
plus should with luck be going back to SA end of 2012 so need to look at schools there too. private and public

hope the eye tests all come back good and it heals well
Thinking of you