Saturday, 22 October 2011

Thank you Better Start Funding

On Friday we finally accessed some of Violet's Better Start funding for private physio.

Just as the last private physio back when she was much younger, this physio too also had something I have not seen in all the years from her current physio, it's called "passion". Was like a breath of fresh air to receive services from someone that actually cares and gives you new ideas!

To think the current physio has given us no exercises or ideas to strengthen Violet's leg/foot post op and in general and even said no exercises would be as good as the exercise she can get from walking! Well, I have news for her! We have some and they are great and they will help! Walking is by no means enough! Really makes you wonder where they get there certification from?!

We have started on the new physios exercises and Violet is willing to do them, which is fantastic and makes life so much easier.

She also feel Violet needs to have her UCBL back in her left shoe as she is taking nearly all her weight on the outer of her left foot and also intoeing on that side. So back to orthotics for both feet.

Her next appt with her is in 2 weeks.

I will also be calling an OT, Speech Therapist and a Psychologist to access more Better Start through them. Let me tell you, Violet is in desperate need of all but at the moment very urgent for the psychologist...she has been awful with behaviour. She is again being oppositional and defiant and even does some very strange things.

Need to access as much of the funding as possible before she turns 7 in August.

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Alison said...

Spend up big Sarah - use up that funding while it's available!! Glad the physio is good.