Sunday, 30 October 2011

Side Effects

Seems I may have left off a major side effect for the new med, cognitive effects!

Well, not sure what it is about the second night of Violet taking her new meds but last night for the first time ever she wet the bed. The only time Violet has ever had urinary incontinence has been during seizures or post botox but last night I assume the med caused this to happen not a seizure.

So, not sure what to do now. May try another night and see how it goes again. She was very upset about it all and needed alot of reassurance that it was okay.

So hard to find a balance between meds vs side effects. The worse thing is she isn't even on the proper does yet as she is being weaned on.


Alison said...

Crikey - that is the last thing you need! I hope it was a one off!!

Mazzmerise said...

Hugs to Violet it is hard to explain to them too, we had issues with Alex when she was on treatment,

hope it is a once off for her ♥