Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Opthamologist Appointment

Asked Emily today if she wanted to get out of school early and come with Violet and I to the hospital, she then asked what clinic we were going to and I said the eye clinic and she said no. A shame I can't get out of the worst wait clinic in the hospital.

Violet was given some eye drops and had her eye examined by the Opthamologist. He said that even with were her cut was last week from her fall that she is one lucky girl not to have any damage to the back of her eye. So relieved to hear that all is okay.

He also said that being as Violet has monocular vision, when she falls it is guaranteed she will land on a object etc with her good eye. This is because she will favour to look with that eye due to it being the one with vision.

He wants us to get onto her glasses asap for her vision issues in her right and also for extra protection.  We picked out a frame 2 weeks ago, so now just need to order them.

We also had a funding review this morning at Violet's school which will rollover her current hours for next year but we are also asking for additional funding on top of what she has.

Well after a 2 hour review of current funding, seems asking for additional funding is too much, even an extra half hour is too much to ask. Apparently the DET think she has more than she should already?! The fight continues in 5 weeks at next meeting, just for that additional half hour.

To top it off have another fight on our hands to keep her 2 hours per week vision support funding! After last weeks accident, need we to prove why she needs this to stay?

So, we had to get a new letter for her current vision from the Opthamologist today which remains unchanged to support the vision support she has already to hopefully continue.

Can you believe I also need to get another letter from her specialists at the hospital to show she still has cerebral palsy next year?! Even the DET's Disability Itinerant Support Lady said don't they realise CP is a lifelong condition that does not improve! 


Alison said...

So glad her eye is OK.
We have been a bit slack with Ashlea's glasses lately - this has been a good reminder about the importance of wearing them to protect her good eye!

The Henrys said...

It's unreal, the fights we have to take on just to make sure our kids get the help they need and deserve. Hugs, and glad to hear that her eye is doing okay.

Missy said...

Sarah, I just dont know what to say. I am so sorry that you have such a difficult and tough struggle with your school, with both care for Violet and funding for aide time.

Wouldnt it be nice if CP wasnt a life long condition hey?? I had centrelink ring me last year for MM's health care card and asked me if she "STILL" had CP? Seriously?

Take care and I really hope you are not continually having to hit a brick wall with Violets care and education.

Ally {mtm} said...

Holy moly Sarah, I cannot believe how hard you have to fight for basic rights for sweet little Violet.

You should give them the URL of your blog and let them read all about her struggles.

I have everything crossed that she'll receive extra funding. Don't let up.