Wednesday, 12 October 2011

One of my worst fears

Yesterday afternoon I arrived earlier to the school and was in the office when Violet's teacher happened to see me there and say hello as she went back to the class. Not long after, she came running back to the office and said come quick Violet has fallen and hit her face. So, I ran to her classroom.

To say Violet was screaming is an understatement! When I saw Violet she was still on the floor and blood was everywhere, all over her arms, the carpet, her face, eye and side of her head. Another teacher that was in the classroom when it happened was holding tissues up to her right eye to stop the bleeding. I was pretty freaked out when I initially saw her in the classroom covered in blood and her good eye, her only "seeing" eye she has, being the one that was injured! Her eye was already so swollen. On seeing the blood on the side of her head, I was so flustered I could not remember what side of her head her shunt was on and then remembered it was the opposite side thankfully.

I carried her out of the classroom to the office to get an icepack to help stop the swelling.
When getting with her to the office, the lady there seemed to busy to notice me standing there with Violet bleeding and I asked her if she could get me a icepack or if I could get one. I tried to calm her down and reassure her all was going to be okay and she was very good letting me use the icepack on her eye.

Sadly, no one even offered to administer any first aid, knowing Violet I probably wouldn't have taken them up on it, but the fact no one offered was very disappointing.

I had to wait for Emily to come back from another school she had been visiting for the day with her class, so I decided to call Dave to come and collect Violet as I know he has done First Aid and thought he may be able to clean it to get a better look at what we were dealing with.

Half an hour after the accident, her nose started bleeding which had us concerned. This was mainly as no one had told us what exactly had happened so we were unsure if she had hit her head aswell and took her to the hospital to have her checked over and have her eye cleaned and dressed.

She was in agony while they were cleaning it, she used more than a few choice words and then cried out "I need someone to kiss me". I was already there comforting, reassuring her but she needed some kisses too.

Doctor checked her over thoroughly and tried to check her eye under the swelling as best she could. Dr said no school until at least Friday and to monitor her for any concussion, vision changes or additional excessive bleeding.

By 9pm she was unable to see out of her eye from all the swelling and this morning she was unable to see when she woke up which was very stressful for her.

I rang the school this morning to tell them she would not be in as she was unable to see and also asked them if they had written up a incident report. He said he hadn't as yet but had a note on his desk to do so. Violet's teacher is away today on a course, so he said until she comes back tomorrow nothing could be written.

He told me what he was told that happened  she fell over in the classroom  as the teacher asked her to come to her desk for testing sight words or something and there is only a small gap between the teachers desk and another piece of wooden furniture, so needless to say she fell over there and fell landing with her eye on the edge of the wooden furniture.

She has an appointment booked with her Opthamologist next week anyway, so will have them check her eye thoroughly and her vision then, by that time the swelling should have subsided.

As anyone that knows me, this is 'one of the many' worse fears I have for Violet,protecting and maintaining the vision she has in her seeing eye. People over the years have said I am paranoid, but yesterday only further reinforces my fears of what can happen and how quickly that little vision she has can be taken away permanently!


Alison said...

Oh Sarah - how horrifying. I share the same fear as Ashlea also only has one seeing eye.
Our kids are just so vulnerable aren't they? They can't see stuff on their blind side so they fall - but because of the CP they can't protect themselves.
Big hugs to you both. Had to laugh at the thought of Violet using her 'choice words'. Fair enough I reckon.
Take care.

Melissa and Luke Young said...

BLOODY HELL... This is terrible. Shocked that the school didnt admister or offer first aid, and a bit blazay about the report...

I really hope there is no damage..

I have always had worries about Ellie damaging her only eye.. Agghh

Jessica said...

I'm so sorry to hear that. That is an awful fear of mine also.

It's even worse that the school staff weren't as helpful as they could have been. How about a little compassion!!

The Henrys said...

OMGosh! I can't believe this happened to her and that the school acted the way they did. Did anyone ever ask if she was okay, or how she was doing? An incident report should have been priority to them, not something to put off for days.

HUGS to you and to Violet!

Korin said...

OH Man!!!!! This happend to Bella last year. She misjudged the corner of my grandmothers counter top as she was running thru the kitchen and WAMMO!!!! My heart sank!!! The fears I have had since she was born stood right before me. She was screaming and i was panicked! Thank goodness by the grace of god she missed her seeing eye.
I feel for you. OUCH, poor Violet!!! She deserves a great big icecream!
With everything you have been thru with that not at all surprised they barly flinch when this happens.

John said...

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Imi said...

Poor baby. I have microphthalmia, cataracts and a few other quirks and my Mum stresses about my 'good' eye all the time. I'm fifteen! Hope she is better now! xx