Sunday, 25 September 2011

Short lived

Well, not long after posting that we were starting Violet on her new med endep for her headaches, on Friday night Violet had a seizure. This was her first one in 18 months after having her seizures controlled by her med Epilim.

It was not a status epilepticus this time as all her past ones have been. This was a short seizure and for the first time she came out of it herself. Which meant no trip to the hospital for once! This would most likely be due to the fact she is on the Epilim and it can change the way seizures appear or act and also the duration of them. So thank you Epilim for that!

As for the endep for her headaches? Well, I rang the Neurology registrar and he felt it wouldn't have been the endep as she is on a low dose while she weans onto it and it was only the second night she had been taking it. He said it takes weeks to take effect from building up in your system. Even so, we have made the decision to stop it. It seemed too much of a coincidence and we are not willing to hinder her well managed seizures for a headache med.


Alison said...


Glad it wasn't a bad seizure though.

Rosalie said...

So sorry to hear that she had another seizure :(