Friday, 30 September 2011

Physio Update

Physio from the hospital rang today to make appointment for Violet's hydrotherapy which she is starting next Wednesday. She will also be filming her walking with and without her AFO.

She told me she had contacted the CP Alliance's Physio and explained Violet needed physio from them and they are not to close her file for physio. The CP Alliance's physio asked why and also said what goals do you have for Violet. Hospital physio explained that she needs alot of physio not to mention her post op needs and that if she wasn't going to do any physio on Violet the surgery will have been completely for nothing and she would be back to her pre-op state in no time at all!

So I hope to hear from them soon about following this all up but will not hold my breath. I rang a private physio today that I used when Violet was a baby and hope to hear back from her next week about starting some sessions with her.


April said...

Hope you hear back from everyone speedy quick!

Mazzmerise said...

hope you hear back soon and things get started for Violet