Thursday, 29 September 2011

Orthopaedic Surgeon Appointment

Orthopaedic surgeon review this morning.

She had some more weight baring x-rays today as this is the first time she has been able to stand for them post op. Surgeon is still not happy with Violet's surgery results.

While there, he decided to hinge her AFO but the Orthotist did it at the wrong degree and we were up and down like yo-yos getting everything adjusted, the surgeon was not impressed that the Orthotist had made it incorrectly and tore strips off her on the phone while we were in his office. It still wasn't right when we left, but we had been there for 3 hours by then and it was not meant to be a long appointment. They made the decision to get Violet back next week for it to be adjusted again, otherwise he wants a new AFO to be made!

Seems she has got a crouch gait on that right leg and the hinged AFO is not helping this! Her calf muscles are so weak and she needs physio to help strengthen this up. It is very frustrating as you put your trust in their expertise as usual and they procrastinate and make incorrect decisions!

The other frustrating factor in all of this is that the physio from the CP Alliance came out to assess her a few weeks ago and she hardly receives services from them at all now since starting Preschool last year and after assessing her came to the conclusion that she does not require ANY physio at all and she is fine!! She hasn't had ANY physio post op yet!! I am so over that place! I told the surgeon this is how the physio felt today and he was horrified and disagreed with her thoughts and has now organised Violet to have some hydrotherapy and physio through the hospital.

On top of this, I am going to be accessing her Better Start funding she was recently approved for and make the most of that before she is 7.

Surgeon reviews her again in 6 weeks.


Missy said...

Seriously I do wonder about some therapists. I remember when MM was first assessed, she was denied access to CP centre because the doctor thought she wouldnt benefit from any services that the centre had to offer...WTF????

Grr to your physio, can you get her reassessed? I just dont understand how Violet doesnt qualify for assistance??? Crazy

Disappointing to hear about your day today. Must be so frustrating to have gone through all that you have and to not have the success that you hoped.


Alison said...

How frustrating.

Good idea to use your better start funding - spend up big on private physio before Violet turns 7.

Michelle said...

You know, there are days when I truly wonder how some of these doctor's and/or therapists, etc stay in business or keep their licenses. Poor Violet, she has been such a trooper through all of this when you couldn't blame her at all if she just slapped one of them, just once, just because :-)