Thursday, 18 August 2011

Orthopaedic Surgeon Appointment

This morning we were back into the swing of appointments after nearly 3 weeks off!
First she had her Orthopaedic review and he was so pleased to confirm now that after 6 months, numerous amounts of painkillers and been thru 3 different seasons that her ulcer is basically healed.
Sadly, he is a bit worried if the surgery has helped. He definitely has her foot in a flatter, straighter position when looking at it without her walking. But when she walks she is walking with her foot turned out now and not straight as it should be :( He also feels the tendon lengthening may not have been enough. She also still has a foot drop that appears to not have corrected from the surgery :(
He was going to make her AFO hinged today but decided to wait a bit longer and keep her foot in the rigid AFO for a bit longer to keep the position. Her adapted AFO from a few weeks ago to compensate the pressure ulcer has been put back to normal and they made a 1.5cm rise in her left shoe for her non CP side that is 1.5cm's shorter than the right side.
After the 6 month delay from the pressure ulcer, she finally starts her post op physio on Monday.
We go back in 6 weeks for another review.
Here is a photo from today of her healed ulcer, the lumpiness is scar tissue that the ulcer has caused:

After this appointment she was off to have her bloods checked again for her thyroid issues. She was for the first time EVER able to do it with only a little bit of whinging! So proud of her!
We have another Neurologist review next Thursday, so we will receive these blood test results then and if her TSH is still elevated, we will have another specialist to add to her already long Endocrinologist!


Josephine said...

Oh wow! Finally! That ulcer looks so much better!! What an ordeal it's all been :( That is so frustrating for you that, after all of that, it doesn't appear to have helped much :( I am glad though that she's not in pain anymore. At least, not with that. Brave girl for not whinging for the blood tests though!

Alison said...

So glad to see that the ulcer has finally healed! How incredibly frustrating though that the surgery didn't achieve everything it set out to.

Hope you get good blood results next week.

April said...

Oh I'm so glad it's healed-- she has so much courage- as do you!