Thursday, 14 July 2011


Violet was scheduled to have her Ocularist appointment today but he had to postpone until next Thursday which worked out well for us as she had another appointment at the hospital to review her ulcer and pick up the new dressings they had ordered.

They now have her using Mepitel Silicone Dressings. She is unsure if the wound is ready for this dressing as she still has a fair amount of exudate coming out from it. So will have to see how it goes.

The best news today was they will definitely not need to surgically close it!

Here is the latest photo. (Alison, think you may be able to handle the look of it now it's almost healed completely!)

They have also adapted Violet's AFO to accommodate her pressure sore in turn to be able to do some weight baring and a little walking. As you can see in the photo below not exactly the most comfortable way to wear your AFO but for the first time in almost 5 months of not weight baring she has been and walking a few steps but needing lots of rests inbetween due to pain and also lack of stamina but she is very pleased to be walking when she can tolerate it. Brought tears to my eyes to be able to see her walk again, was like watching her walk for the first time.

Her foot position is not the best as she seems to be trying to compensate for her ulcer even though they have adapted the AFO. Here's hoping her foot position improves in time when her ulcer has healed.

They are also writing a letter for the school so they have authorisation to let her get out of her wheelchair at school in the classroom and toilet only at this stage. Which would mean the end of the hoist much to Violet's and my delight! She will still need assistance in the playground until it heals completely and improves her stamina. She is no doubt even more susceptible than normal to being knocked over.

So later in Term 3 she may just be able to walk into the school for the first time in 5 months!


Alison said...

Oh wow - that looks so much better than I expected!

Great that she can start walking again - I can't believe how long it has taken. Really great that she doesn't need another surgery too!

Missy said...

Finally the turning point. Its been a long time coming. I am so glad that Violet can get up and do some walking. Its been such a long time with her being wheelchair bound.

Very glad that you can get rid of the hoist! Nightmare all round really.

Fingers crossed xxx

Josephine said...

Some good news for you!! It's been a rough recovery, poor thing! Glad to hear it's all finally starting to heal well enough to get back up on her feet again :)