Friday, 1 July 2011


We were back to the orthopaedic surgeon yesterday to again use some more silver nitrate on Violet's pressure ulcer.
I asked him the likelihood of this silver nitrate actually working to help her ulcer and he said it was 50/50. I told him I was not happy with this percentage. He said if it does fail to work he will surgically close the ulcer which will most likely be the last week of the holidays or the first week of Term 3 as he is away next week.
Here is the latest photo. At the left side and above and a bit to the right of the ulcer which has the gap around the edge is the main section he needs to come off and looks quite deep as that side was the deeper side of the ulcer. It will not granulate on these gaps until this happens. So this is what is currently holding up the healing.


Alison said...

I just ate, so I don't think I'll look at the photo.

I really, REALLY hope you see some healing soon.

Sarah said...

Sorry's still the best it's looked yet if that helps!

Shannon said...

That looks so painful - oh, poor Violet.

Missy said...

Yes it looks so much better, it has been a long time coming hasn't it?
Big hugs to Violet, what a trooper she is.
Lets hope the silver continues to work or they decide to do the surgery.
take care xxx