Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Abdominal MRI

Today is my birthday and what better way to spend it than at The Children's Hospital...not!

Sadly this is the date they booked her MRI and I was not willing to question the date in case we had to wait longer for an alternate date.

As mentioned in my last genetics appointment post, this was an abdominal MRI.

Early admission of 7.30am this morning which was pretty good as I knew she was first on the list and would be out quickish.

Today Violet weighed in at a hefty 29.8kg's and 125cm in height.

She went under at 9.15am and 11.15am. MRI itself was for 1 hour and 20 minutes. Went longer than anticipated as they came out and advised us they were taking additional sequences on top of the normal.

While she was under I had them take bloods for her Neurologist as I still haven't got around to getting them done as she always talks me out of having them...she even wakes up at night talking about not having blood tests if she knows we are going to the hospital for anything.

Back to recovery she went and she never fails to disappoint...screaming and crying the whole duration to the point we were given a private room.

CNC came down to also check on her pressure ulcer. She is quite happy with the progress it has made that past few days and we will be starting a new dressing in the next couple of weeks for the next stage of this ongoing saga.

Once home she slept off her GA.

Specialist will hopefully have report by Friday to let us know results and hopefully put our minds at ease for a bit longer.

Next on the list is another MRI of her chest and paraspinal regions to check if there is any impact on her spine yet due to her vascular malformations.

To top off my birthday, I have an awful migraine...yay!


Alison said...

Sorry you had to spend your birthday at the hospital - and with a migraine :(

Glad the MRI went smoothly - nice work Violet getting your own room like that! No wonder you have a headache!

The Henrys said...

I'm so glad that is over for you and Violet. Thinking of you as you wait for the results...

Mazzmerise said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you ♥

Hope all goes well with the scans bloods etc,
thinking of you all

Belinda said...

Hoping for good results!!!!! Xx