Monday, 13 June 2011

Friends Fundraising

Some of the lovely families I have met online the past few years who have children with varying medical conditions and disabilities are busy fundraising at the moment for organisations that have had a big impact on their children's lives so far in this journey.

Parents of one of the children I am talking about have even recently set up their own organisation for children with the same condition as her daughter and is raising much needed funds for it.

First, there is a little champ named Cadel:

Cadel lives with hydrocephalus and has had 17 separate brain surgeries, 43 scans, survived two more infections in his brain and spent over six months of his life in hospital. Cadel now lives with two shunts, and each of those shunts drains two separate areas of the brain. Shunts will fail by becoming blocked or infected in 40% of paediatric patients within the first year of being placed. Cadel has this risk times four.

You can donate to Cadel's fundraising here at Team Cadel raising much needed money for the NeuroSurgical Research Foundation, which is a cause very close to my heart.

The objective of the Foundation is directed towards funding research into the cause, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease or malfunction of the brain,spine and nerves.

Second, there is the gorgeous Emily:

I met Emily and her Mum last month on their trip to Sydney. Emily has Cerebral Palsy and is supporting The Centre for Cerebral Palsy's Wheelie Big Challenge for the second year! She raised much needed funds last year to help children just like her for the EIP (Early Intervention Program) that The Centre for Cerebral Palsy provide. Help her achieve her goal this year in helping a fantastic organisation continue to provide it's fantastic services. You can donate to Emily's Wheelie Big Challenge here.

Last but not least, the lovely Ellie:

Ellie was born with a rare genetic condition called Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome. Ellie's parents started an organisation called 4P AUSSIE KIDZ and it aims to raise public awareness about Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome and money to assist with the financial burden associated with this condition.

Funds raised by 4P AUSSIE KIDZ will be used to provide financial assistance towards things that may be required for a child with WHS. Such as standing frames, walking frames, car sets, communication devices, wheel chairs, and even possibly blocks of private therapy. For example: Speech therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy.

Another great organisation to donate to, which you can do here 4P Aussie Kidz.

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