Friday, 27 May 2011


Yesterday Violet had another review to check on her pressure ulcer at the hospital.

Silver dressings are working very very well, which is great news. If only they had listened to me months ago about using them! They said to me that "it's just a matter of finding the right dressing and in turn the one that will work". Well, from all my friends including nurse friends who have used them and knew they worked surely a hospital would know they work for ulcers, as there is enough literature on the internet to support it.

Still have a long way to go though unfortunately. I was told yesterday that once this ulcer does heal, she will not be able to walk on it much as it could easily come back or break the surface where it has healed...not the best news to hear! If only she hadn't got this ulcer at all or at the very least it wasn't located under her foot! The worst possible place when you have just gone through orthopaedic surgery, so can't walk and could in fact hinder her surgery altogether with this huge delay and in the loss of feeling and indentation it will leave!

Hoping it will be healed very soon as it had now been 13 ½ weeks and counting of no walking and no REAL baths, she is still in her bath chair and receiving sponge baths only.

Orthopaedic surgeon was there to see her aswell and I mentioned to him that when I look back at my photos of her ulcer, it makes me still feel sick. He told me I "should delete them". Which I can tell you right now, I won't be. He was also very surprised it was not closed over yet! Well it was a massive ulcer, what does he expect?

We re-dress it on Tuesday.


Alison said...

I'm glad to hear her foot is finally making progress. What a long and frustrating process it has been for both of you!

Don't delete the photos - you may need them one day as evidence!

The Henrys said...

Finally some good news after way too long with not so good news! I hope her foot heals quicker and better than anyone thinks it will!

Melissa and Luke Young said...

I cant beleive it has been that long.. Poor Violet..!I agree too, dont delete the photos, they are good evidence... glad it is slowly healing thought x

Becca said...

Looking better there - I think that's the first time it's looked noticably smaller from over here. About time too, here's hoping the healing picks up pace from now.

Alison is right - DO NOT under any circumstances delete the photos. I'll go further: make backups (multiple), keep them in safe places. If Violet has long-term problems with this and it's a result of somebody not doing their job properly those photos will be your route to some sort of restitution.

That said if it makes you feel sick it might be best not to look too often - you've got enough to be spending energy on! :)

Strongly suggest taking photos with a (sterilised!) ruler or some other measuring edge in-shot for accurate tracking of the healing process - you could even go educational and show her how to make a graph of it...

Rosalie said...

I'm so glad to hear,it is finally imrproving. You have all been through so much x