Friday, 6 May 2011

Update and Dental Appointment

Went in for yet another wound dressing by the hospital again today and got to catch up with Violet's Orthopaedic Surgeon while there as he has been overseas for 2 weeks and he wanted to see how Violet's ulcer was healing. He said it was alot better but she is still a long way off walking.

We pick up her AFO on 16th May and sadly looks like she will not be able to weight bare then either :(

For the first time in months I have a whole week next week of NO hospital visits (for Violet anyway). They are happy for me to still do her dressings and if the ulcer starts getting worse I am to bring her straight in. Didn't like hearing that, as I was hoping from now on things would only get better.

Dental appointment went well. She had a lock jaw from not wanting to open it for the dentist but aside from that her teeth are going well. Would like to try dental x-ray at next appointment.


Alison said...

I bet Violet will appreciate her week off from hospital visits.

Really hoping you get good news at your appt.

Can't wait to see you and your gorgeous girls tomorrow.

Belinda said...

Phew for no visits for Violet!

Will be thinking of you next week, and sending major positive vibes. Xx

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Sarah, you must be so sick of that place! a week off will be heaven and I cannot wait until you say you have 6 months off from the place! enjoy your meet up with the nsw team! Bron xo

lesly said...

Hope you are enjoying your week without hospital visits. And also hope that Violet's ulcer is progressing ... they are horrible things, aren't they? But your last photo of it looked pretty good. Fingers crossed XXXXXX

Brittany said...

Hello there. I am glad to hear she is dr free next week. I have to go to the dr in the near future myself. But anyways. I am sorry to hear she is still unable to walk. I bet little Violet misses it so much. Well its late here, just wanted to check in on you=) love ya guys xoxox

Jenna said...

Hi Violet!
My name is Jenna and I came across your site. U are one special brave courageous fighter. U are an inspirational hero.
I was born with a rare life threatening disease.