Saturday, 14 May 2011

Budding Artist Perhaps

As I mentioned in a post back in April, Violet submitted artwork representing her school to the local Hawkesbury Show for the "Students with Disabilities" class.

Was so exciting just to see her artwork displayed at the show this weekend and an added bonus today when we went to the show to see she had received second place.

This years theme is "International Year of Forests"

She receives 2 ribbons and $15 for second place.

Violet doesn't understand what she has won and achieved...hoping things may sink in a bit more for her when the school will no doubt present her ribbons to her at assembly this coming Friday.


Alison said...

That is great Sarah - and what an awesome moment getting presented the ribbons at school assembly! Enjoy!

Mazzmerise said...

well Done to Violet what an awesome job ♥

Rosalie said...

Wonderful job Violet, i can just imagine how proud you must of been Sarah !