Thursday, 21 April 2011


Arrived for Violet's re-dressing of her ulcer yesterday in the Burns Unit and seems that they had booked her in for next Thursday instead of today! They said they were unable to do it and let me tell you I was furious! I told them it wasn't my problem they had booked it on the wrong day and there was no way I was going to wait 1.5 weeks between dressings! I also added this ulcer was the hospitals fault to start with so they needed to do something now! They told me to go to Orthopaedics and get it re-dressed there, which I said was ridiculous as we had been referred to the Burns Unit as this ulcer really is out of the orthopaedics territory!

Well, you can guess what happened...I had to go see Orthopaedics. They were very surprised to hear Burns Unit would not still do it for her and just squeeze her.

On taking the dressing off from Monday, the Burns Unit didn't put a foam dressing on it to soak all the slough from her ulcer and it sat there the last 3 days festering away and caused more maceration and damage to her surrounding skin! Not happy!

So they decided to keep her back slab off and give her a night splint for her to wear day and night over the long weekend so I can access the ulcer for cleaning. Trouble is it's not sitting right and applying too much pressure to her ulcer still which defeats the purpose of using it. I am re-adjusting her foot constantly as her heel keeps lifting out of it and repeating this.

She was also casted for her new AFO today, even though they really didn't want to put anything over her ulcer. They covered it up well and cast anyway. She will have her new AFO in 3 weeks. Hopefully by then the ulcer will be healed alot more and be able to weight bare. She will be put back in cast on Wednesday.

You will never guess what design she chose...spiderman featuring red AFO with webs all over it...who says I need a son...she gives me the best of both worlds.

Here is Mondays photo and here is yesterdays photo (before being cleaned).

We go back on wednesday for them to assess and re-cast.


Big brother, Little sister. said...

I love her choice of AFO! so cool ! Gee I am sure you will be glad to see the back of the burns unit not to mention so many visits to that hospital xo

Alison said...

What a nightmare. Good on you for insisting they change the dressing. We are being casted for new AFOs soon too. What a shame they don't have In the Night Garden ones...

Belinda said...

Spiderman AFO's! I wont be telling Archer, lol! Love it :)

We don't get offered designs.

Bloody hospital, grrr :(

Mazzmerise said...

hope the hospital do the right thing today, Thinking of you all ♥ especially Violet she has been through so much with the surgery and now this, hope she is up and running again soon ♥♥♥

April said...

Oh Sarah, those pictures make me so sad... I am just so sorry they are not being more helpful. Wish I could give you a hug or something :(