Monday, 11 April 2011


Another pressure ulcer review and re-dressing this afternoon.

They decided to debride it again to get the slough out of the ulcer, as the methods they have been using for the past 4 weeks are still not working.

While debriding he said it was alot deeper now and showed me how it had gone through an additional cavity inbetween her bones. Now comes another huge risk of bone infection. He showed me her bone, I was horrified! He would have liked to have seen the ulcer bleed more as bleeding is apparently a good sign of new tissue but it hardly bled at all :(

They had plastics team review her for them to surgically close the ulcer. They decided that they would put the VAC dressing back on tomorrow and a few weeks down the track will surgically close the ulcer. They said a skin graft would not work on her ulcer in the position it is in (under her foot) They are thinking of cutting two skin flaps in her good surrounding tissue outside of wound and joining them up.

So frustrating - 7 weeks tomorrow since orthopaedic surgery and no weight baring and no post op physio and rehab! 4 weeks since finding this crappy ulcer!

Here is today's photo...I took it without showing you right inside the wound itself, it's just not a pretty sight in there!


Alison said...

Oh Sarah - that sounds horrifying. I am not game to look at the photo.
How is Violet holding up? Is she in a lot of pain? When do you go back to the hospital? We will be there next Tuesday for botox.

Sarah said...

She is being really good considering.

She is still in lots of pain :(

Back to hospital tomorrow and Thursday. Next week we will be there aswell including Tuesday as Violet has a child development assessment appt which takes most of the day. May just see you there!

Missy said...

Oh Sarah...gosh I just dont know what to say. It has just been such a huge awful setback for Violet hasnt it?

Yes she will be at a greater risk for bone infection considering it is so deep-you just have to continue being so vigilent infection control and just being her Mum who knows her best.

THinking of you all the time and of course Violet.

April said...

Oh Sarah, that makes me so sad that it's not improving more- It looks horribly painful :( I wish there was something I could do to make it better. Thinking of you.