Friday, 8 April 2011


Yesterday, Violet had her bone scan and she was such a little legend. First part was at 10.20am involving injection with radioactive isotopes and a few sequences taken and then back at 1.20pm for the rest.

Some of the sequences required the gamma camera to be within 1 inch from her face, and she didn't whinge or get upset at all. Remaining still for them the whole time (some assistance to hold her head by technician during these) These were not quick, each sequence took alot of time varying from 2 minutes to 7 minutes each of being still while they took them. All up about 30 minutes for whole scan. They decided to do full body bone scan while they had the chance. I was so proud of her.

Good news we received today, the infection she has is confined to her foot so far and no bone involvement yet!

Today we were back for another dressing change and things are still not looking as good as I would have hoped by now with this pressure ulcer.

Here is the latest photo

They have never bothered cleaning between her toes and it had an awful buildup of crap and as a result now she has terrible skin breakdown between her toes and it absolutely stinks like the ulcer, so I asked today if I could clean between before re-casting. They let me, and they were surprised how much crap I actually got out of them. Why do they not look at doing this themselves?

She also has a sore heel still and after we asked they have again put comfeel dressing on it. They weren't keen at all, but I just said straight it! It looks very much like the start of another pressure sore to me...I sure hope not, as we are still trying to heal the other one!


Alison said...

Great news that the bone scan was clear!!

The Henrys said...

I'm so glad her bone is not infected! What a great job Violet did during the test!

Melissa and Luke Young said...

Fantastic news that it hasnt gone to the bone yet... Violet sounds like she was a superstar x

Belinda said...

So glad the bone scan was clear! xx.

lesly said...

Just catching up - so sorry to read of Violet's troubles with her foot. She is a little Trojan. But I am appalled that no-one appears to take what you say seriously or clean between her toes (!) - good for you for speaking up! Fingers crossed that its in the mend now. XXXX