Monday, 4 April 2011


This afternoon back to the hospital again to check on Violet's pressure sore and have it re-dressed.

It is still very sore and has reddened more around the sore, under her toes and down the side of her big toe. When they touch her toes, it hurts all the way to her heel and she screams in pain.

Surgeon feels the reddened areas around the wound and toe area is due to increase in blood supply. I am not sure what to think as she is in so much pain and the nurse said that it still looked infected.

Oral AB's finish tomorrow. What also worries me is that Violet has been really tired, which is not normal for her. I am just hoping it's not a sign of worse things to come. I would hate for the infection to next get into her shunt system.

I just wish they would admit her already and pump IV AB's into her now!

Here is a link to today's photo.


Alison said...

Sarah - am praying the infection hasn't spread.

Missy said...

Keep an eye on her temp and her tiredness as they can definitely indicate a more serious infection.

Keep pushing for hospitalisation if you are not happy. You know her best.

I really do HOPE that her tiredness is not a sign of things to come. Do you have another script of AB's, will you GP continue on them for you?

WIll be thinking of you on Thursday.

Sarah, I can only imagine how hard this is for not only Violet but for you also.

April said...

Oh I am so sorry this is happening. It breaks my heart that she's hurting. Hope she is on the mend soon!

Carla said...

ugh, really, I think Violet is due for some good healing and no pain, like Missy said, you know her best & keep pushing for you feel is best for her (as you always do!) Praying for you & Violet, I can only imagine how hard this is.

Sarah said...

Missy, Haven't got another script as yet. Will have to organise that.

Ally {mtm} said...

Thinking of you and Violet. Is the bone scan today? If so, I hope everything goes smoothly.

You guys deserve a break xx

Dianne said...

That doesn't look good at all! I hope things are looking up now??