Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Child Development Unit

Today Violet had her Child Development Unit assessment.

She was referred to them to also assess Violet's behavioural issues.

Was a long day!

The end result for me was hard to hear out loud...a confirmation of what I already knew. Violet at nearly 6 years old is at the age of a 3-4 year old and 2-3 year old in some areas.

They feel she will never catch up to her chronological age in development due to her under developed brain, especially on her left side and all her underlying congenital neurological issues.

They suggested we may have to look at alternative schools for Violet that can provide the structured support she needs.

Of course I will live in hope she does somehow catch up, but it is another reminder of just how lucky we are that she can function as well as she does, given her situation.

In other news:

Violet had her VAC dressing changed yesterday and they have decided to leave it off until Thursday and see what is looks like then. They re-dressed it with a gel dressing. It looked alot better yesterday, signs of granulation and new tissue on one side of the ulcer, the most positive step forward in healing I have seen so far...hoping that continues.


Alison said...

I hate having news like that confirmed by doctors. What sort of assessment did they do? Sounds like you had a rough day.

GREAT news about the foot though!!! I am so pleased to read that - first good news about the foot in ages.

Give your lovely girl a big hug from us.

Sarah said...

Well as she only had the WPPSI-III last year they had to do a different kind of assessment to that until 2012 when they can repeat the WPPSI-III.

Today they used the Vineland-II.

This result was consistent with the WPPSI-III. Just feels more real when the hospital tell me these results compared to CP Alliance.

Yes great news about her foot!

Missy said...

THANK GOODNESS for signs of healing and improvement with her wound.

Kind of hate developmental testing. Kind of winds you with the information. I dont like them, because it doesnt take into account our kiddies personal giant steps of improvement in areas.

Hugs xx

Belinda said...

Great about Violet's foot :) Hoping improvement continues! Xx

Tests, results are hard things to take. Love to you all! Xx

Dianne said...

So glad to hear that FINALLY there is good news on the foot front. Testing and assessment is always a drag and I still don't think that they always get it right.

Hope you all have a lovely Easter xoxoxo