Monday, 21 March 2011

Update and Incompetant Aide...Part 2

No High Heels
We started this morning off by an early appointment to the clinical nurse consultant at the hospital checking and re-dressing Violet's pressure sore. She wants us to re-dress it daily now.

She told me when that dead layer comes off, it will leave an awful crater before trying to heal again. I asked her about silver dressings that are available and help wounds heal alot quicker. She said once this layer comes off, we can look at possibly using those. We go back again on Thursday for her to review.

Violet is complaining of heal and forefoot pain still and I again told her this today. She said she would mention it again to the surgeon and see what he said and call me if he wanted me to bring her back in. phone call. So they better hope all is okay under there, as they won't be re-casting until Thursday week!

Today, Violet also went back to school for the first time since finding her awful pressure sore.

We arrived at the school just in time from the hospital appointment and her aide finally decided to show up. She went over and stood in front of all the other K/1 Class without even saying or acknowledging Violet, then finally she went and stood behind Violet's wheelchair. Meanwhile Violet was trying to tell her about how her foot was and she didn't even bother to listen or interact with her at all. She hadn't seen her for a would think she would have acknowledged her at the very least.

She is still wearing inappropriate attire including the heels! I saw the Principal after she took Violet to class and asked him what was happening with her shoe situation. He said he had certain avenues he needs to take to deal with it and he was working on it. Well, I have been waiting for weeks long do I need to be patient for?

Well, needless to say I came away from the school very frustrated. When I got home I decided to call Violet's OT from The Cerebral Palsy Alliance and let her know nothing had changed with the aide.

She has also been given 4 hours training (1 hour per day over 4 days) to use the hoist for toileting and still has the nerve to say that she has received inadequate training, even though when asked if she would like to try it herself sadly declines to do so.

OT said she would call the Disability Itinerant Support Lady from DET and see what was happening.

Meanwhile, I rang the principal to ask just what these avenues were that he needed to wait on and go through. I mean if someone is wearing shoes that are not OH & S standard, surely they can just tell them to wear the appropriate shoes or go home. I want Violet to be safe and if she is being looked after by someone that is not being safe for her own sake, what hope do I have of ensuring Violet's safety.

He said they needed to go through the DET's Staff Welfare Person and go from there. He could not tell me how long this process would take.

I said I may just have to keep Violet home where she is safe until the aide has the proper shoes. He said I could not do that as I would be done for truancy. Well I doubt this would be relevant if my child is in an unsafe environment.

He asked me to bare with him. I told him I didn't need the added stress they were causing me in my life as it's not only Violet's problems that cause me stress but it also has an effect on my own health problems. I really don't need this.

I also added if he didn't sort it out, he would leave me no choice but to relocate her to a different school who would give her the support she needs and deserves.

I told him I did not like the current aide as she really is not confident at all with Violet and that she makes no effort to have a relationship or rapport with her and that I would prefer a new aide.

Seems the school saga continues...


Missy said...

"I could not do that as I would be done for truancy" What a load of rubbish...considering Violet's surgery and current ongoing issues with her pressure sore, then you would easily be able to obtain a medical certificate for her NOT to be at school.

I think you need to go all the way with this. Mostly because of how she actually seems to treat Violet, in all honesty it sounds like she doesnt even give a crap about Violet at all.

How about contacting Work Safe or equivalent and get the ball rolling. How hard is it to tell someone NOT to wear inappropriate shoes?? Seriously??

Oh Sarah, I am so sorry you are still having such a saga with the it time to move schools???


The Henrys said...

I just can't believe this...
Hugs to you!
I think you are right in calling the principal and telling him you will have to take Violet to a different school if things don't change quickly. I think I would call him a few times a day, every day, until this changes.

T said...

As a teacher, I can truly say that is disgusting practice! What happens to the child comes first? Every child matters.

Melissa and Luke Young said...

I cant beleive you are still having to go through all of this.... And that principal... he needs to grow some
"B----" (ill let you fill in the blanks)

P.s love the no heels allowed picture... gave me a giggle

Hope you get a new compitent aid soon x

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Sarah it sounds so ridiculous that the Principal cannot just ask the Aide to wear appropriate shoes......society is so stupid that everyone is scared of being sued or reported for something.
Honestly though I would be way more concerned about her attitude and lack of interactions, that would have me so upset that she was not excited to see my child each and everyday!

Alison said...

Oh that foot sounds so painful. I really hope there is nothing else going on under the bandages. Have got my bible study ladies praying for Violet's foot!!

That aid sounds useless. Hopefully she'll just quit and then you can get someone decent.

How did Violet manage back at school?

Korin said...

GEEZUS!!! How disappointed and let down you must feel.

As if you and Violet aren't going through enough already! Can't that aide be reassigned to be somebody elses nightmare?

Love the shoe pic you posted. I have to email that one to a friend of mine of fb. SO FUNNY!!

Mazzmerise said...

OMG hope you get some improvement on this, (That is not enough she has had training and knows the OH&S side) when did people just not Care about the job or the person they are caring for
Sarah you have such a strong attitude as well as a very good reason to push this through, I know I am not one to totally understand but I am here for support..

Have you had the Scans etc for the Tummy Issues I am here if you need any more info on the WILMS Side ♥ So hope that is not on your cards as you have enough as a family to deal with take care and ask any questions you need ♥