Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Split Cast

After yet another terrible night in pain and seeing Violet's toes swell to the size of an obese person, we decided to ring her Senior Physio at the hospital and she asked us to bring her in.

She decided to split the cast. They normally do this for orthopaedic surgery. So she cut the front of the cast to relieve some of the pressure and bandaged over the cast, covering the very slight gap she had made.

She seems to still be in alot of pain, so hoping with elevating and time she will start to feel less pain.


Mazzmerise said...

Hugs to you and big hugs to Miss Violet. she is so brave with all she has been through. hope the pain can get under control for her soon and you can start the healing process ahead ♥

Belinda said...

Hoping this relieves the pain!!!!

Hoping you have a better night!

Love to Violet! xx.

Rosalie said...

Poor thing, i hope the pain eases for her very soon. Big hugs xx

Alison said...

Sorry to hear Violet is in so much pain :(

Melissa and Luke Young said...

Poor Violet... Hoping that helps ease her pain x