Thursday, 10 March 2011

Orthopaedic Surgeon Appointment

This morning Violet had her post op orthopaedic appointment.

As she had to have the cast split due to swelling last week, the Orthopaedic Surgeon wanted a new cast to be put on today and get her foot in a better position, as he was not happy enough with it. He also said she had quite alot of swelling still and to definately keep the leg elevated as much as we can to help her relieve this and in turn help her heal as quick as possible.

So, she was given some nitrous to help while they removed the cast. She was not a happy girl!

On taking her cast off, the incisions were a lot bigger than I had antipated and she has a massive red blisters near incisions that started leaking like a really made me sick seeing her in that state. I mean I have a pretty strong stomach, but seeing your child like this, when you have
opted for this corrective surgery, makes you question it all.

I couldn't see the incision under her foot, as what I had seen already had been enough.

In the photo below, if you look below her big toe, you will see the 2 k-wires in her foot hooked over...

In this photo below, showing some of her incisons and the awful blisters that were leaking like a tap, quite a high pressure tap...

No wonder she is still exsisting on morphine and valium. They gave me a script for more morphine as we ran out last night.

I really hope these blisters heal as soon as possible and we avoid any infection.

Surgeon will be taking the k-wires out on the 24th March.


Missy said...

Holy crap....brave, brave girl.

Can totally understand why you would question yourself and why Violet is still on Morphine!

Hugs to Violet xoxoxo

Alison said...

Oh wow - that looks really painful. Poor Violet.

Every time Ashlea has had elective surgery I have had moments of misgivings afterwards - usually during the recovery stage when things are worse than before the surgery and its too early to get any benefit from the surgery.

Yes you chose this for Violet - but you did it because the benefits to come are going to outweigh this temporary discomfort.

Big hugs to you.

Teri D said...

She is such a brave little girl, God bless your family.

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Sarah, Mother guilt will always be there just more often I think when disability is involved as kids often sem so much more vulnerable at times. I tam thinking of you everyday and glad you did not post any up close weeping blister pics! ;)

Mazzmerise said...

Sarah you have one Brave young lady there ♥ and you are a wonderful Mummy. I so hope it starts to heal well soon I know what infection can do and would not wish it on anyone. praying that the pain stays under control for Miss Violet
thinking of you all

Take care and Ciber hugs from us up here