Thursday, 24 March 2011

More Post Surgery hiccups

Went back to have Clinical Nurse Consultant review Violet's pressure sore again early this morning. While there I asked if she had told the Orthopaedic Surgeon on Monday about Violet's persistent foot pain, she had forgotten! So she paged him and he asked me to bring her back in this afternoon as he was going to a conference in the morning.

Well, luckily he finally agreed with me to take this cast off too. Even though I had told him last week she was still in pain! She now has another post op problem to add to her list: her foot is infected and this is causing her wounds not to heal properly too:( They are just hoping the infection does not get into the pressure sore now...I wouldn't be surprised if it was there already. So on some AB's 4 x day.

He also decided today to take her k-wires out, they were massive! Alot bigger than the photos I had seen on the net of them.

Her pressure sore is not debriding yet, which is very frustrating as it delays the healing! So they decided to use some new pressure sore dressings that are not yet available to the public, it was a trial pack they had, they have given me all they had, which will last her to Monday.

So re-casted again and still no idea on when she is allowed to weight bare, as she needs this pressure sore and now infection to heal first.

Back to hospital on Monday to see the nurse again and review again with him next Thursday.


Alison said...

Oh no! Poor Violet - no wonder she has been in so much pain.

Big hugs to you and your gorgeous girl.

Josephine said...

How miserable :( Poor Violet. I hope those new dressings work miracles and that the infections disappear in record time.

Mazzmerise said...

so glad they listened to you this time and hope the healing can start soon

{{HUGS}} Violet and Sarah stay strong and always follow your instincts ♥

so sad to hear she has had to go through all this on top of everything she already has ♥♥♥