Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Incompetant Aide

Who would have thunk it? Um...me!

You know when you meet someone and you have that gut feeling and that it's not going to work out?

Today, Violet went back to school.

Let me fill you in on her aide...she dresses very smart and in heels. She looks more suited to a Department Store like David Jones. She looks great...but it is totally inappropriate attire for being an aide for a child with special needs. It surely would not comply with OH & S policies and is not practical!

Yesterday we had hoist training at the school for Violet's aide and myself in case the aide is sick and they need someone to "fill in". I have offered to do this, as I would feel so much better knowing Violet has the proper care she needs.

Well, the aide could not have been more disinterested in this training! She really did not try to be enthusiastic at all, even choosing to stand outside the disabled toilet instead of getting in there to see everything she needed to do. She even asked the OT from the Cerebral Palsy Alliance to come in today to show her how to do it all over again. Well, she wouldn't have needed this extra training had she actually tried it herself yesterday during the actual training!

She was wearing her open toed wedge heels and the OT told her to wear more appropriate foot wear, which she just muttered "oh right". She has been told before by the Principal but still has not changed her ways.

I arrive at the school this morning to see the Principal to go through all the instructions for Violet's care. I am then standing at morning assembly with Violet when the aide shows up and she then says to me "I'm really worried about the hoist" and "I don't think I can cope pushing Violet in her chair, could I call you to get you to come in a help me do this?". She hadn't even had to push Violet until today and she was already trying to get out of it! I was so shocked! I just had no comeback and said yeah.

As they all went off to class she pushed Violet but asked me to carry her schoolbag, which I did. I got Violet settled into class and waited for the OT to arrive for the additional training for the hoist.

While waiting, I decided to mention to the principal about the aide asking me to come in just to push Violet around for her. He was not impressed and said that would not be happening and that if the aide didn't feel she could cope she should tell him.

Took them 50 mins to do to hoist training...remembering Violet was in the hoist for this training and she was not happy by the end of it. Once they came out Violet's OT again mentioned about appropriate foot wear for work and the aide said she didn't own any flat shoes. The OT then said well maybe you should go buy some for $20 so you have the appropriate foot wear. I then settled Violet back into class and left.

I then go home and try to get a few things done while Violet is not at home, while waiting for the school to ring...

Sure enough the phone call came at 1.10pm and they said Violet was crying in pain with her foot/leg. I went to see her and picked her up. I asked her "Do you need to go to the toilet?" and she said "Yes".

So hard to figure out if she was just in pain with her foot/leg or she needed to go to the toilet and that was why she was crying :(

I really can't see this aide staying on with Violet, she just doesn't seem aide material to someone like Violet.


Melissa and Luke Young said...

This is disgusting...!! Why is this woman an aide in the first place... I hope you find someone more suitable and understanding of violets needs

Missy said...

OMG...I am totally at a loss of what to say about this aide. Totally incompetent, i agree. Clearaly she has no interest in the health of safety of Violet and that is totally not acceptable.

Definitely keep in very close contace with the principal about this one. It is not YOUR job to be at school caring for Violet (but the catch with that is YOU are the best carer (and Mummy) for her and you dont want to see a substandard care so of COURSE you will be there.

Dont accept anything less Sarah!
I am sorry that you are continuing to have to advocate for Violet.

In all honesty I HOPE that this aide doesnt stay on as she is clearly nowhere near good enough!

hugs xx

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Sounds scarily familiar Sarah...

What the heck are these types of don't-like-getting-my-hands-dirty people doing working with kids??


Alison said...

Oh dear - she sounds awful.

I hope you can get someone better - and soon.

How is Violet feeling? Is her pain under control?

Dianne said...

Not good enough :-(. Violet (and you!) deserve someone for the job who really cares about her and cares about their job. The shoes seem symbolic of her lack of dedication to what she should be doing. I hope that she either sees the light quick smart or you're able to get a different aide xoxo

The Henrys said...

This is unacceptable! There is no need for you to have to deal with someone like this. Violet has just been through something very difficult and she deserves to have someone who is not only able to do the job, but someone who is a little more compassionate! She seems a lot more focused on herself and she needs to think about Violet! I'll stop now. This really has my blood boiling for you. Please let us know how it goes!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Shit Sarah, she sounds really hopeless and in the wrong profession. Hope she gets redirected elsewhere very soon and that Violet settles back to school with the appropriate support xo much love to you xo