Monday, 14 March 2011

Another setback

Today I decided to contact the hospital as Violet is still on morphine after 3 weeks and valium for her muscle spasms and I have been very worried as she is still in so much pain.

They asked me to bring her in...

Her surgeon said that he really didn't want to remove the cast they put on Thursday, but ended up listening to me and thought he would have a look.

Well, thankfully he listened to me! The surgeon and his teams jaws dropped in shock...poor Violet has a massive blackened pressure sore on the sole of her foot below her toes, measuring approx 6cm in diameter. I was in shock on seeing it too! Surgeon said I better sit down before I fell down.

I thought the blisters were bad enough on Thursday. This was awful seeing dead tissue on my daughters foot! No wonder she still needs the morphine!

They treated it with a gel and dressed the area and then padded it thoroughly before recasting in a fibreglass cast only. The surgeon said he was so very glad he had listened and taken the cast off. To think if it had been left longer, when it is this bad already.

He had another surgeon there that I did not recognise and he was suggesting debriding it while Violet's surgeon was saying they don't normally do that. So its anyones guess who is right and which way is best to manage this.

He kept saying to his team after that he was so glad he removed the cast and that the patient is always right. I added...a mothers intuition is always right too!

They cut a peep hole in the cast where the sore is, with only the dressing showing, so they can check on it without removing the whole cast unless needed. So I have decided to keep her home from school for now.

They have advised 6 weeks at least to heal.

We go back on Thursday to get it checked by surgeon again.

I was in tears all the way home.


Alison said...

Oh Sarah - that sounds awful. What a good thing you listened to your gut (just quietly what a good lesson for the doctor too). No wonder Violet has needed so much pain medication.

I am praying for a speedy recovery for her. Give her a big hug from all of us.

Thinking of you.

The Henrys said...

I'm so glad they listened to you! Hopefully by Thursday it will be getting better!

Missy said...

Oh Sarah....I just dont know what to say. I am so glad that the doctors listened to you. I am so sorry that Violet has a set back with her wound, the poor little poppet. Big hugs to Violet. Big hugs to you too.

Carla said...

Ugh! Thank God the dr. listened to you & confirmed mother's intuition. Poor Violet. Sendfing healing vibes.

Belinda said...

Oh Sarah! Big hugs to you all! Hoping things start improving for beautiful Violet asap! xx.