Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A presentation all about Violet

Today at Violet's primary school, the Dept of Education's Disability Itinerant Support Lady gave a presentation all about Violet and her medical and physical conditions to give the kids a better understanding about Violet before she arrives on her first day of school tomorrow.

I helped out by giving her photos, drawings, info etc and she made the presentation. Emily was in one of the classes she presented this to today and she said it was really well received by the other kids.

Besides the general presentation, she gets children to participate aswell :

She gets 1 child to put oven mitts on and asks them to then open a popper (fruit box for other states), write with them on and put a shirt with buttons on with them to see what it is like when your hands are not doing what they should do.

She got another to wear glasses with one eye completely blacked out and the other with another vision impairment and asked them what they were able to see, how they would find their friends like that and how that made them feel.

She explained that everyone is born different, whether it be big feet, small feet, big eye or little eye etc.

She also talked about adapting some games when playing with children with disabilities so they can be fairly included.

She explained how crucial it was that if they saw Violet fall, hit her head, being sick , lying on the ground etc to get the teachers immediately.

It was all explained kid friendly and understandable for them. She covered all Violet's medical and physical conditions.

I have to say a much easier and effective way of explaining things and I don't have to write an introduction letter now, as this has been so effective!


Missy said...

sounds great Sarah. I am pleased to hear that the other children received this information well and I like how the lady got them involved simulating what it would be like for them to be in Violets shoes. Sometimes kids NEED to know what its like, to understand a little better at least.

We are doing a similar thing with MM. Probably no where near as comprehensive but enough so that I dont have to write a letter as I just dont want to write a letter.

Hope Violet enjoys her first days at school xxx

Alison said...

Sounds fantastic.

You've just reminded me I need to get RIDBC to do that at preschool again this year with the new kids. The blacked out glasses are a great way for kids to 'get it'.

Sounds like they've done an awesome job. How are you feeling about tomorrow??? I'll be thinking of you guys!!!

Melissa and Luke Young said...

Love Love Love this idea....! They have really put the effort in here. I hope this makes the move to school much more relaxed for you. Cant wait to hear about Violets first day at school.

Belinda said...

Sounds great! A great talk for the kids to participate in. Will be thinking of you all tomorrow. Such a big day. Hope you get some sleep tonight. Xx

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Sounds awesome. I am very impressed. Nothing like this has been offered for us by DET...

What 'flavour' of Itinerant Support teacher was it? (Molly only has Vision involved so far...)

Sarah said...

Susan, this is just something the DET lady in this region chooses to do for families (if they would like)

She is the Disability Itinerant Support Lady that has helped us the past year with all of Violet's application for funding, building alteratons etc and she covers the whole gamut of disabilities in her role.