Wednesday, 2 February 2011

First day of Primary School!

Today was Violet's first day of Primary School...

She had spent most of last night waking up to tell me she didn't want to go.

This morning she was feeling alot more happier about it all once she had her uniform on.

Luckily, we have that transition to school funding from Kids on the Move. I rang the Preschool to see if they had organised for one of her preschool teachers to be there today and they said they had been having trouble contacting the Principal to organise, but decided they would do a timetable regardless starting from today for them to be there. Instant stress release knowing it was all organised and she would not be having as much trouble with toileting, stairs, walking etc. with them there to assist.

She was happy to see Marie from preschool who was there from 9.15-11.30 and then Vicki from 12.00-3.30. She will have similar hours with her preschool staff for the coming 2 weeks and then that will be all the funding finished for the transition package she received.

The only negative point was that the new toilet block that has been recently finished: the disabled toilet has NO rails, NO step and NO toilet roll holder. They are planning on rectifying this but will probably end up loaning some equipment from The Spastic Centre in the meantime (trying to organise this asap)

I kept myself busy during the day to take my mind off her as much as I could (if that's possible!)I rang around lunchtime and checked with the Principal on how she was settling in and he assured me she was fine.

On picking her up this afternoon, she was completely exhausted...I asked how her day was and she said good. Driving home she said "I like Emily's school Mum, it's fun"...can't get a better response than that!


Alison said...

I've been thinking of you guys all day! I'm so glad to hear she liked her first day. What a relief!!

Lovely pic of your girls together too.

Missy said...

woo hoo! Glad she enjoyed herself!

Grr about toilet not being ready, I ssometimes wonder when they have all that time from 1)when you enrol 2)from when they know they have to do it 2)holiday period...that it cant get done? Crazy really!

Love the pics...

Belinda said...

Been thinking of you all!

Great response on way home! Xx

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

I'm so glad she had a good first day, and there is really good transition support in place.

You must be relieved... Hope you both sleep better tonight (despite the horrendous heat).

Hugs, Susan x

Josephine said...

So glad she had a good day :)

Kristen said...

I feel my chest tighten when I read of my fellow blogging mom's on their kids first day of school. I'll be there soon for Cayman. Right now I can't fathom how I will survive. I know I will, but just can't fathom it.

n0thingbuteverything said...

So glad she had a good first day!