Thursday, 3 February 2011

And the butting of heads begins...

and it's only Day 2 of school!

Well, sad to say school today was not very good at all...

it started with the Principal meeting me in the carpark of the school this morning to tell me not to call or write any letters about the disabled toilet situation that I mentioned in my last post. Of course he must have found out that I had called the DET Disability Support Itinerant Lady yesterday to express my concerns over this not being a functional and safe toilet for Violet being unfinished. He asked me to promise him not to call or write to anyone and added that otherwise it would hold up the toilet being finished!

Unfortunately, the preschool staff were unable to be there today due to being understaffed at the preschool, so Violet had her Vision Support Teacher there for an hour and in this time she fell off her chair and has trashed her knee...I am not convinced this even happened in the classroom, it doesn't look like a carpet burn at all and there was alot of blood.

Then on picking Violet up this afternoon, Emily came out of Violet's classroom. I asked what she was doing in there and she said as preschool staff were not there, she was asked by her and Violet's teacher to look after Violet. This started from after first break this morning! So they left it up to a 10 year old girl to help toilet and look after Violet in general!!! I am fuming! I know Emily is capable of this but that is besides the point...I had numerous meetings last year which involved the school and DET aswell in which they mentioned that they would NOT ask Emily to help Violet with her needs etc. Then I come to school and find out they made Emily miss her own class and was left responsible for Violet nearly all day!

What will they do when she is in the wheelchair post op?

Of course the first thing I did was call the principal when I got home, but he had already left...surprise surprise. I do feel like calling the DET Disability Itinerant Support Lady, but he basically threatened me this morning not to.

So, tomorrow morning I will be taking this issue up with the principal! Failing that...I will be calling the DET Disability Itinerant Support Lady!


Missy said...

Grrr, that is really very disappointing.
Regardless of whether Emily is capable, it is not her job to look after Violet because the school is not staffed. The school is RESPONSIBLE for ensuring that there IS staff.

Also, Emily's education is important as well. She cant miss big blocks of schooling, that is not fair.

In terms of being threatened that to not call DET Disability Iterant lady. It sounds a bit like a threat really doesnt it?
Oh Sarah, I am sorry that this is all happening on day 2.

I wish you luck, certainly says something for home schooling sometimes!

Melissa and Luke Young said...

I am sorry to hear that it was a disapointing day...!! I would be paying that principle a visit tomorrow morning if I was you. What that school did is disgusting!!

Mazzmerise said...

Hugs to you all
I hope you get some answers and things sorted very soon as this is not how a school should be run, especially when you did everything last year to get them ready and understanding what to expect

I have issues with Alex's school with infectious illness's and us being where we are do not want to be passing it on to low or immuno suppressed children schools often are just ignorant but we as parents need to push our issues to get the best for our children

Take care Sarah and hope Violet was not hurt to bad ♥

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Holy Crap!

But why am I not surprised...?

Oh yeah, because of our own dealings with DET!?!

Forget the clearly stupid principal (sounds familiar), and support lady - call Neale Waddy (Manager, Disability Programs Directorate), he is a genuinely good guy.

Really hope tomorrow is a better day... (for both of us!)

Belinda said...

This is so not good enough. See the principal and have no hesitation calling whoever you need to!

My blood is boiling for you! Xx

Josephine said...

WHat?>?? WHAT??? That is craziness!!! From beginning to end, every piece of that day was just awful! Yesterday I was thinking that it sounded like the school was really on the ball and prepared to make school a safe and enjoyable place for Violet, but it doesn't sound that way anymore. I would call whoever you need to call. The principal doesn't have the right to tell you who you can and can't call, he probably just doesn't want to face the consequences of being unprepared. Disgusting. And don't even get me started on them taking Emily out of school to do a job that an adult is paid to do....

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Oh shit that is really bad form by the school. Emily is in no way responsible for Violet at school and it shows Emily that she is not important in her class sucks. Good idea to get onto anyone and everyone to sort this out asap. xo........or move to Vic! ;)

Alison said...

Oh dear. How can they think it is Emily's responsibility to take care of Violet??? That is appalling.

Hopefully this has only happened due to first week back disorganisation. Hopefully once everything has settled down things will run smoothly.

Also, its a bit rich to tell you not to call the person who is your advocate in this whole thing!!!

Good luck this morning - will be thinking of you.

Becca said...

Hmm, this headmaster sounds like he needs some training. Training in particular that he DOES NOT get to choose who you call, when or about what... and also that the keener he is that you not call, the more urgently you will be on the phone to them.

Oh, and they can forget involving Emily like that. It's neglectful of Violet's need to be supported by (and developing a good working relationship with) an appropriate adult, of Emily's need for and right to her own education, and is frankly abusive of her goodwill.

Hang in there. This is by far the best option for Violet (trust me, these niggles are nothing compared to the needs that would go unmet if she were in segregated schooling) and you'll look back in a few weeks and everything will be grand.

Becca (disabled adult and inclusive education campaigner)

Korin said...

I would have told the Principal to SUCK IT! But thats me.
You should call who you want, when you want and too bad the DET Lady wasn't on speed dial on your cell phone as the pricipal was talking to you. I would have shown him my phone and hit CALL!!!

I am LIVID for you!! We all are!
Praying for a better day!

April said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe they are being so irresponsible! Hoping things get resolved quickly!

n0thingbuteverything said...

Oh Sarah,
I am so disappointed and sad for you reading this.
It almost reads like it a checklist for how NOT to best integrate a child with additional needs in a school.
Everything about it is so wrong. I am so sorry that you are having to deal with all this and that Violet is not getting the support and the perfect start to school she deserves xo

Prue said...

Hi Sarah,
This is not ideal at all. Firstly, the principal is trying to intimidate you, by telling you what you can and can't do, the school is totally reponsible for Violets care while she is there.

Is there another school close by? This school is obviously not set up for children with special needs, which I thought was mandutory.
DO not be threatened by the principal-I know your'll be great!!