Thursday, 20 January 2011

Moulding #4 and EUA

We started out the lovely task of fasting from 7am again this morning, got to love being on afternoon hospital lists...not! Arrival to hospital at 12 noon and she was under GA by 2pm.

She did very well with her fasting, I tried my best to get to the hospital early to get a close park, entertain her in the hospital playground and the starlight room before going to day surgery. Distraction is the key for Miss V.

She did mention once we were admitted that she was thirsty and hungry a few times :( I just said everyone in the waiting room is and that kept her quiet for a little bit longer each time.

Of course once she knew the dreaded mask was going on, she was screaming and had 4 of us holding her down for the GA.

One of the other reasons for the EUA today besides the normal thorough check of both her eyes was to check the pressure in her seeing eye (right eye) as she has been having headaches for so long now and both her Neurologist and Neurosurgeon were concerned the reason may be an increase in the pressure she already has on her optic nerve in that eye.

Today Violet had a different Opthamologist performing the EUA and he met with me after to let me know these results and also ask me why she was not already wearing glasses when she is short sighted in her right eye.

Well, that has been my question for a long time as well but they have never bothered to give her any for some unknown reason. He thought it was ridiculous and he wrote a script to be taken to the Optometrist to get Violet some glasses. It was taken from her eye while under the GA so would be obviously best to get the reading when she is awake, but don't know how compliant she would be for that! Also not sure now at 5 ½ how compliant she will be in wearing them!

Great news is the pressure in the right eye has not increased! So no answers still as to why she is getting these daily headaches as yet.

Violet's new scleral shell should be ready in the next 6 weeks.


Missy said...

I am sorry to hear that Violet doesnt cope well with the GA.
Interesting about the glasses, I hope that she manages to keep them on. Missymoo loves wearing her pink sunglasses, so we are lucky that she will tolerate them.
Cant wait to see the new shell.

Korin and Bella said...

Awww!!! Thats great the glasses will help her see AND protect her seeing eye!
When Bella got her glasses...I sat her down in front of the tv during a favorite cartoon and put them on her so she could see the difference. It worked for us..and she loves her glasses especially since she picked out the pretty pink ones.
Good Luck!!

Melissa and Luke Young said...

it is never nice to put our kiddies under GA. Im glad to hear that it went well. I look forward to seeing Violets new shell.

Alison said...

You may be surprised - if she can notice a difference with the glasses she might keep them on.

Ashlea's script is always taken from when she is asleep as she does not cooperate AT ALL for an eye exam.

See you Monday!

Josephine said...

Well, that's good AND bad I suppose... Don't you hate having to do things that you know she hates?? ONE day they'll understand that it's for their own good and they won't cry and scream anymore...
That's crazy that they haven
t given her glasses before now. I hope that she'll like wearing them. Maybe if she gets to pick out the frames herself she'll be excited to wear them?? That would be nice :)

n0thingbuteverything said...

So sorry to hear that her going down for the GA was such a stress. Having now had that experience with S I can totally empathise.

I hope the glasses help. I hope they help with her headaches xo

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone!

You would think after all these years of GA's she would be a little more relaxed about them but no...

The Henrys said...

I'm glad this is over for her and for you!!

Good luck with the glasses. Gracie had a really hard time leaving her glasses on but over time (lots of time!) she got used to them. It really helped when we got some very light glasses that were not too heavy on her face. I can't wait to see a picture of V in her glasses!

Belinda said...

Can only view blog on my phone? Hope glasses make a difference and that Violet likes wearing them. I loved wearing glasses as a kid but I was a bit older. Hope all goes well. Xx

The Henrys said...

Sarah, I gave you an award today. I'm not sure if you do these awards, but I feel you deserve one!

Rosalie said...

I'm so sorry about the problem with the GA.

We will be getting glasses soon also, i can't wait to see if she even keeps them on.