Saturday, 29 January 2011

First trip to ER for 2011

Yesterday, Violet was in Emily's room playing when she started screaming and saying she couldn't walk. She was unable to weight bare and in turn walk on her hemi leg/foot. She was in agony. We decided to see how her foot went overnight and see if any swelling came up.

This morning it was the same and still no visible swelling. As she is still unable to weight bare and in extreme pain, we took her to hospital, suspecting it may be fractured or broken.

They x-rayed her foot and they couldn't see any obvious break or fracture. But they then added that as her foot is so badly deformed on her hemi side, it makes it hard for them to see any smaller ones. They are hoping it is only soft tissue damage.

They have casted her leg/foot and on Monday will be seeing her Orthopaedic Surgeon in the Rehab and Orthopaedic Combined Clinic for her pre-surgery measurements and also to review these xrays.


Alison said...

Poor Violet - I hope it isn't too painful by the time school starts this week. Sounds like the surgery to fix this foot can't come soon enough.

Rosalie said...

Oh no Sarah!! I hope she feels better soon xx

Mazzmerise said...

Hugs to Violet and hope things are sorted out with the surgery etc and she feels better soon ♥

not the best start for school this coming week

Thinking of you all

The Henrys said...

I hope everything turns out okay! Keep us posted!

Missy said...

Poor Violet, she must just be in such pain. I agree with Alison, the sooner the surgery the better.
Hope all goes well tomorrow