Friday, 28 January 2011

5 more sleeps!!!


Only 5 more sleeps until Violet starts Primary School! I am hyperventilating as I type...

Next Monday she is due to go into the school for her 'Best Start Kindergarten Assessment' but she now has an appointment at the hospital at the same time to have her pre-operative leg measurements.

I called into the school on Tuesday to let the Principal know she would not be able to make the appointment at the school for Monday and he said that was fine and he would test her later during the week sometime.

While there he asked if I would like to see the alterations that are being made in the Stage 1 of the alterations that were suggested.

For her vision impairment, they have painted all the poles with yellow bands of paint, marked the edges of stairs, ramps, seats in the playground to name just a few! When you look through the school it is a sea of yellow from all the paint for Violet.

They have widened and concreted the pathway from the carpark to the office and then the office to classrooms as this use to be very narrow, uneven and was bitumen.

The ramp to her class is under way but will be ready in the first few weeks she starts school.

They have re-concreted areas of uneven ground elsewhere in the school.

Toilet roll holders moved down.

He is organising a Disabled Parking sign for the carpark, as I have had numerous issues with other mums parking there without a permit, in particular 1 mum. It has a disabled parking sign on the ground but he hopes with the added sign in front of the car park space, may help others see and realise it's only for permit holders.

I said to him that it would be great having the ramp in and then she would only need to use the stairmate once a week for Library. We have one of these at the school organised for her, but he said he is quite happy to bring the library to Violet and her class, so he may do that instead while she is in the wheelchair for those few months.

I am very happy with all these alterations so far and it makes me feel they finally taking Violet starting school there seriously!


Carla said...

wow, it sounds like they have a good start. Hope the sign does the trick for you. I hate when people w/o a need use the handicap parking spaces!

Alison said...

It sounds like they are doing a great job making the school accessible for Violet. Wow - 5 sleeps - I can only imagine how you are feeling!!

Is Violet excited?

PS Don't forget you can dob in the other mum to the ranger - I think the fine is over $400.

ferfischer said...

Wow! Sounds so exciting!

Sarah said...

No she thinks she is going to preschool again.

When I say your going to big school, she says she doesnt want to, and says she wants to stay home with me :(

Dianne said...

so fantastic Sarah! It's a very promising sign that the school is being to proactive on getting everything ready for Violet.

Josephine said...

I am so glad that they are making all those important changes to make the school more accessible for Violet! That is so great, and I'm sure she will LOVE it :)
I know what you mean about the hyperventilating....Avery's been going to preschool since she was 2.5, but the thought of her starting mainstream kindergarten has me hyperventilating already, and it's still 7 months away!!!!

Missy said...

Talk about a great start. I am SO glad that the school has been so proactive in getting the modifications into place and taking Violets needs so seriously.
I hope Violets transition is smooth and most importantly FUN and enjoyable!

April said...

Oh I'm so glad they've been willing make things accessible so that she can have a successful experience! Good luck!!!

Rosalie said...

I am so happy to hear that they have made alterations.

So close now, i swear i am in denial lol

Korin said...

So happy to hear it!