Friday, 3 December 2010

Why are kids so cruel?

Feels I am posting too many posts like this.

Emily came home from school this afternoon and informed me that the boys in her her class (Year 6 boys = 12 year olds) had been talking about Violet today. She said they were saying she looked like a...wait for alien :(

I you would guess...devastated. I know some you may think these are only kids saying these things and they are only words...but to me, it hurts me to my core.

This is the school Violet is to attend in February!

This just further makes me anxious about how Violet will cope in the future in school and life in general.

Of course I am not a mushroom in the dark, I do know bullying exists as Emily herself has been subjected to it since Kindy and Violet has been aswell just being a visitor to Emily's old school and now seems her new school already.

All I can say is, the boy is very lucky I didn't hear him say it!


The Henrys said...

I am so very sorry that this happened to you and your girls. Of course, I think this is the one thing that I, and most parents, worry about the most. ((Hugs))

Alison said...

Oh Sarah - that is awful. The school really needs to be on top of this kind of thing - it is completely unacceptable.

Mazzmerise said...

{{hugs}} Sarah bullying is something that really needs to be addressed at schools more,
so sad that children can be so cruel Violet is a beautiful child ♥ and you are a great Mother she also has a great big Sister..

we had some bullying at Alex's school but it was sorted out very quickly for her but it is one issue I am worried about like all mums and we only had a small issue of no hair and being a small school with Christian values they take bullying seriously

Give Violet a big hug ♥♥

Family said...

Ugh, makes me mad! Ill be prayin for all of you! She is precious and kids are so dang cruel sometimes. That was a tough read, tough. Keep representing!

April said...

:( I am just so sorry...

Missy said...

I am so sorry that your beautiful girls have to face this.
You know as hard as it is for our little ones to cope with life and their added challenges,how siblings are effected, is an issue that concerns me greatly as they too are subjected to this awful bullying, hurt and the world of disability. I am definitely concerned about Missymoo's older sibling and will be speaking to the school in great depth (as well as our school chaplain) about how we can give him skills to cope with little meanies like the one your gorgeous Emily has faced.

I know it will be hard, but maybe have a chat to the school, about Emily and this awful bullying.
The school must absolutely address issues of bullying in general but most definitely ones that revolve around disability as it is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

I am sorry your beautiful girls are facing this. Big hugs

n0thingbuteverything said...

:-(. Not nice.

I am always sad to hear things like this.

I think though that one reason kids are cruel is because they don't understand.

I wonder if they'd be as cruel if they know how brave and amazing Violet is and had just a little inkling about what it might feel like if they put themselves in her shoes.

I know some schools do programs where kids use a wheelchair for a day or wear a blindfold and I was involved in a program with high school kids once where they wore coloured paint on their faces and went to the local shops just to experience what it's like to have people look at you, comment about you etc....

I am not sure, but I do wonder if maybe a little education might make a difference.

I am in the middle of making an 'All about me' book for S to take to school as well as a simple info sheet that explains in simple language why he uses a walker, why he dribbles, why his speech might be hard to understand...

Maybe something like that could be in order????

I am sure that there are some other ideas out there too so other kids might look a little deeper and see the gorgeous girl that Violet is xo

Rosalie said...

Oh god Sarah, i am so sorry! Of course it heart it's about you precious daughter hugs xx

Samantha said...

Gosh Sarah, that is awful :(. Violet is so lucky to have her beautiful big sister to help her with the school journey, and I bet they come out at the end of it to be stronger, more amazing and better able to cope with what life throws at them than you or I could ever hope to be! But that doesn't help now and I now you must be so worried, I just hope that it is nowhere near as bad for any of our cp kids as we parents imagine it will be. xo

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone.

Sam, trouble is the cp isn't the problem for's more the vascular malformations, microphthalmia and then the CP :(

God help me if she has a seizure in front of them!