Saturday, 4 December 2010

Preschool Sing-a-long


On Violet's Preschool days last week (Tuesday and Thursday) They held a preschool sing-a-long at 2pm each day and even though I have attended them before, of course I just couldn't miss these ones, as they will be her last for preschool :(

Violet sat with her aide among the other children and did her best to sing along and it was really nice to see.

I am so glad I did go as they sang a song I hadn't heard them sing there before, a short version of "I am Australian" and boy did I cry on Tuesday seeing her sing to this chorus:

"We are one, but we are many
And from all the lands on earth we come
We share a dream and sing with one voice:
I am, you are, we are Australian"

To me this song is about equality and a sense of belonging and sitting there watching my gorgeous Violet sit amongst her mainstream classmates with all her additional needs sing along to this song it moved me for those very reasons.


Alison said...

What a lovely moment. My girls preschool concert is coming up - Ashlea knows ALL the songs, but refuses to sing them during practice. She then proceeds to sing them all afternoon - just so the teachers know that she knows them... Thankfully there are no tear jerkers this time - although just seeing her participating with the other children is enough to set me off.

Mazzmerise said...

sounds like a wonderful afternoon ♥

Margie said...

Gosh Sarah, that made me cry just reading it, how wonderful and yes that song is awesome, more people should really listen to the lyrics and understand that we are one!x

Rosalie said...

Alsion, Deana does the same exact thing :lol:

I'm not surprised you cry, i swear those damn songs always make me cry!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

I am also putting my hand up for crying at that song!
congratulations to Violet on graduating preschool and I look forward to hearing all the great school stories from next year!
We missed Coopers concert/end of year which I will get on dvd but am sort of glad as I did not really want to bawl in front of everyone!