Thursday, 16 December 2010

Genetics Appointment

Today was our annual review in Genetics...oh the joys! This is our last official appointment for 2010!

She examined Violet as per usual. As some of you may already know, Violet has a very prominent enlarged abdomen and on feeling it today she could feel a lump but is not sure if this is part of her fatty overgrowth "as yet unclassified syndrome"or something else.

She feels we should re-scan given her increased risk of tumours and in particular Wilms Tumour and has opted this time for an MRI of her abdomen to see what is going on in there and also check on her organs in more detail. This of course will involve an MRI with GA, so we await to be called up for it. I hope it will not be too long as I would like to know what is going on now...I assume as she is well in herself and she hasn't rushed it through, that it isn't anything too sinister!

She was very against her having a CT scan for this, even though it would be over much quicker. She really does not want her subjected to any more radiation at this point given her increased risk of tumours and also the fact that she has had so many CT's already since birth I have lost count!

So that's 3 GA's booked for 2011 already...I did ask if she could possibly have this MRI when she has her eye moulding on the 20th January or even while under for her leg surgery but she said they couldn't as the wait list for MRI's under GA's is too long.

In the meantime the Geneticist is still on the search for answers as to why Violet is Violet...

She also wanted Violet to have some Clinical Photography by the hospital. So after we finished our appointment with her, we went down and saw the photographer. I really thought Violet would be her usual oppositional self and not want to comply to the photos, especially when this involves in having them taken in your underwear, but she surprised me and was a champion for the photographer.

Review after MRI of abdomen.

Oh and on the way out of the hospital who should we bump into but Alison and Ashlea...we have seen them there a few times lately, but was nice to see them both again of course x


April said...

I'm sorry you've had so many appointments and questions-- hope you discover good news.

Mazzmerise said...

hope you get in for the MRI asap I know what this tumor is like and pray it isn't that {{hugs}}

just keep an eye on her stomach is all I can suggest and if in doubt get an ultrasound and XRAY as that picked up Alex's
will be thinking of your family ♥

Alison said...

Lovely to see you all yesterday - although we really should arrange to meet somewhere nicer!!

I hope the MRI doesn't show up anything sinister - just what you need - another worry hanging over your head.

Did you end up giving in to Violet's request for chocolate???

The Henrys said...

Hopefully you can get the MRI sooner rather than later! The wait would drive me crazy!

Praying for good results of the MRI...

n0thingbuteverything said...

Congrats on finishing your appointments for the year!

Fingers toes and all else crossed that the MRI reveals nothing sininster. AND I hope you're not left waiting too long for it.

I hope you all have a wonderful RELAXING Christmas this year. You've well and truly earnt it!