Monday, 22 November 2010


You may remember a while back Violet was approved for some funding for an Epilepsy Monitor which was received and is fantastic! We also received funding at the same time for a new Disability Stroller that ended up being too dangerous and hence the path we have now taken ordering a wheelchair.

The organisation we received these funds through wanted us to have a good think about what else we could use the remaining funding for and we thought Violet would really benefit from.

One of the main things I could think of was a new swing. Her current swing is still the old Hills Toddler style one that she can only just still fit in with zero support and her legs were dragging on the ground!

So, I went on the search and I found a great one online through FAS Therapeutic equipment and of course they are mega expensive as everything is in "the land of disability" but the smile on her face today once it was put together and she got to have a go = priceless!


Belinda said...

Excellent! xx.

Melissa and Luke Young said...

Beautiful Photos!!! Ellie loves her swing too x

Alison said...

That looks great. I will have to keep it on my list for next year. We just got word today that our cubbyhouse got approved - YAY!!!

The Henrys said...

That's great! I bet she will get many hours of happiness out of that swing!

Anonymous said...

WOo Hoo!

Worth every cent!


Mazzmerise said...

lovely photos♥
great swing too :) but she loves it

the play ground near us has one like that for children with special needs I think its great to see in public parks now too

Sarah said...

Very exciting Alison! Let me know which one you decide on!

Rosalie said...

Gorgeous xx