Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Second School Orientation

This morning Violet had her second school orientation.

We again met Violet's preschool aide there and also the Vision Itinerant Support Manager and off she went with them to the Kindy/Year 1 room. For the parents this week, the information was all about school readiness (maybe they should see if they are ready!: see end of post), P & C and school uniform.

When I went to get Violet, she seemed much more happy than last weeks orientation. She even said she enjoyed herself!

We have her Health Action Plan meeting at the school on Thursday.

Then I would like to make another appointment with the Principal to stress discuss the fact that they need to pull their finger out and have the new toilets finished in time for when Violet starts school come the 1st February (they are currently still under construction) As the principal has been saying all year "If they are not ready, she have to start later in the term". Now an added drama: even though we had our site inspection well in advance, the kindy room only has stairs as access at the moment and the ramp that needs to be built still hasn't been started, so this is another building modification that has to be completed before she starts. Principal again had the same response "If it is not ready, she have to start later in the term".

Well, I am not impressed nor will I be allowing this to happen. I will be sending Violet on the 1st February regardless to start school with the rest of her peers, as I feel it is her right as every other child to start school on time. The school will just have to cope.

A friend of mine who has spent the past 3 1/2 years organising everything for her daughter in advance to ensure a smooth transition to school, is also due to start school the same time as Violet but at a different school.

Sad to say, even though she has done the right thing being so prepared and getting the school prepared, she is now having to face very similar challenges and then some...and has even been told her daughter will not be able to start until term 2! That means she would lose an entire term of school...why should our kids have to miss out because of other peoples incompetencies!

We have prepared them = they know our children are coming to the school well in advance, We have helped organise funding = countless amounts appointments, paperwork submitted, including assessments, medical reports etc. So how can they not organise themselves?

What happened to inclusion of children with special needs in the mainstream setting...need I ask?

In other news:

We have placed order for Violet's wheelchair through Australian owned and made Mogo Wheelchairs. We still have a bit more fundraising to do, but hoping in the coming months to finish raising the remainder.


Susan, Mum to Molly said...

So glad Violet enjoyed the day, and am crossing fingers for all building works finished in time.

FYI: ramps for M were quite quick to build, done last summer hols so were in place a year in advance.

Very different story to the bathroom though, and I won't even mention the lift to the second floor which was agreed to but is nowhere on the horizon...


Melissa and Luke Young said...

I am so glad to hear that Violet enjoyed her second orientation day. I really upsets me to hear what parents with kids with disabilities have to fight for... as you said, you have gien them plenty of notive, and why should our kids miss out. it makes me ANGRY!!

Good luck with the rest of it, and cant wait to hear about violets school journey


Alison said...

I'm glad Violet had a good day. I hope the rest of the modifications get done in time!!

The Henrys said...

Good luck with getting the school to finish their work! The advocating never ends...

I'm glad to hear that she had a much better time visiting the school. I hope that continues!

Rosalie said...

I hope they finish in time, i can understandy why you are so worried.

Glad to hear it was a nice day for her.