Tuesday, 9 November 2010

School Orientation

Phew...survived first school orientation!

Arrived at the school with Dave, Emily and Violet and met with Violet's preschool aide who as you know has been funded through the Kids on the Move program to help with the transition to school.

She took some photos of Violet with us and some on her own as she is making a book for Violet about school that we can read to her to hopefully prepare her more for the whole school experience.

I know I have mentioned ages ago about how great Emily is for Violet as her big sister, and I could not imagine a better sibling for her to have in her life as I have blogged about here in 2008. Well, today with Em by her side at school sitting on the seats at morning assembly cuddling each other and even though feeling insecure about her new environment, felt that little bit better knowing her big sister was there with her...love you Em and love the little lady you are today, even if your other 10 year old ways do shine thru on occasions as all kids do.

She went into the Kindy/Year 1 room with her preschool aide and the other Kindy students for next year while the parents went into the library to hear all about the school and then had a tour of the school.

On the way out of Orientation today I asked Violet if she enjoyed herself and she said "no".

Next orientation 16th November.


Big brother, Little sister. said...

great news Sarah and so glad Em is there too :) sorry she said "no" but hopefully just saying it to really push you over the edge! lol

Alison said...

Oh dear! The orientation sounds great, such a shame she said she didn't like it! You've still got a couple of months to convince her that school is fun...

Belinda said...

Glad it went well!

Hopefully next time it will be 'yes'! xx.