Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Physical Disability Clinic

This morning Violet had her Physical Disability Clinic appointment.

Was kind of wondering whether to bother going as she is booked in for her surgery in February anyway, her Botox injections have been put off until after this and we are now seen alot in the ROC Clinic anyway.

Figured it had been 17 months since our last clinic visit so we better go anyway.

On examining Violet's hemi leg/foot after taking off her AFO, her Doctor still wasn't happy with her pressure sores the AFO is leaving, so she called down to Violet's Orthotist to fix it as soon as we finished with her...so already a great reason for keeping this appointment today.

She did want to stress the fact she wants me to manage Violet's pain until surgery (Violet hates meds, even when in pain with massive headaches, joint pain etc she refuses to be medicated!) She still obviously has to have her seizure meds twice daily and of course these are a MUST HAVE, so she suggested maybe to mix the pain relief in with the seizure meds just to help relieve her. Sounds like a plan I think...


Alison said...

I'm glad it was worth going. What is the ROC clinic???

Sarah said...

It's the Rehabilitation and Orthopaedic Combined. I have only become part of that since we started down the surgery path.