Friday, 12 November 2010

Eye Dilemmas

Well where do I start this post? As I have mentioned Violet is overdue for an EUA (examination under anesthetic) and eye moulding for a new scleral shell. Since she first started having these from a baby it was as simple as calling the clinical nurse consultant in the eye clinic at the hospital and she would work out a date that Violet's Ocularist would be there and put her on the list, I would know the date that day I rang!

This year that has all changed, it has now become a waitlist system. So, she was due to have this all done in November from our waitlist letter.

Then we received another letter the other day stating she had been placed on the list for the 17th December, which is alot longer than we would have liked but we of course accepted as we really had no other alternative being this time of year and we want this to all be sorted before she starts school and before her upcoming orthopaedic surgery.

Then I just happen to call Violet's Ocularist to ask him if he can possibly squeeze an appointment in at his rooms before then to see if he can make an adjustment on Violet's scleral shell as she has not been able to wear it since June! and he says "I am seeing you on Thursday for the EUA and eye moulding" I said "This is news to me"

So I rang the eye clinic at the hospital and they did not have her on the list for Thursday! There is also a new-ish clinical nurse consultant in the eye clinic that is not at all good at organising these lists. The date she has Violet booked for on 17th December -Violet's Ocularist will not even be here in Sydney!

Oh...deep breaths...I had a big go at her anyway...made me feel the hospital have known since the April she has had issues with her scleral shell and they have made her wait this long and now all this stuffing around with incompetent people running the lists! The nurse even told me I could use a different Ocularist! After 5 years of using the same guy, um I don't think so! Even if I did, I would still have to go through the referral process etc and that all takes time anyway!

So, I rang her Ocularist back at the start of this week and explained the situation to him and asked if he could fit us in before and thankfully he could yesterday. So after preschool we had the lovely drive of a 4.30pm appointment in Parramatta, but so worth he did an adjustment on her shell and she is able to wear it again until her EUA and moulding is re-booked on a date when he is actually able to be there and yes it will sadly have to now be in the new year.

We will have to build up the hours each day for her to be able to tolerate the shell again as it has been so long inbetween wearing it now. He has also had to take alot of it off to help fix the scratching it was causing to her not as big as it was now which is frustrating as we feel we have gone backwards after all these years.


Alison said...

What is going on with the eye clinic down there??? We are way overdue for an EUA as well, and just got a letter this week asking if we still need our appointment. Are they hoping that if they make us wait for ages we will give up and say we don't need it?

We are seeing Ashlea's surgeon on Monday about her PEG and I am hoping that if he changes it under GA I can get the EUA and a dental exam squeezed in at the same time. Wish me luck!

Sarah said...

Yeah sounds like a great idea Alison...maybe I should get Violet's done at her Orthopaedic surgery too...who knows we may have to wait that long anyway!

Yeah apparently the new nurse there has bitten off more than she can chew and is really quite crap at organising these lists, doctors etc. Even Violet's Ocularist is not impressed.

Mazzmerise said...

gotta love the medical system here sometimes. hope all goes well and you get in early next year ♥
thinking of you all {{hugs}}

Rosalie said...

Oh Sarah i am so sorry, but i so know what you mean. It's absolutley frustrating when you get stuffed around like this.