Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Best Start Kindergarten Assessment

Has anyone else here in Australia and I assume particularly New South Wales heard of The Best Start Kindergarten Assessment?

When I was at the Kids on the Move Information night the principal of Violet's school casually mentioned that all Kindy students are now assessed on what level of knowledge they have on entry to school.

The assessment will include aspects of:

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Comprehension
  • Speaking
  • Phonics and phonemic awareness
  • Understanding concepts about print
  • Counting skills or awareness
  • Arithmetic strategies
  • Units
  • Pattern recognition

I just said "well good luck". I personally can not see Violet being able to do any of the assessment. He said if she refuses or is unable to do the assessment, they will simply write that she did not comply to the test and will have to gauge her ability over the course of the year. We never receive the results anyway which is annoying, but I know Violet best and I know she has no knowledge of the above things mentioned in this assessment as yet.

She is booked in to have her assessment the week before school starts.


Alison said...

Emma had this assessment - I think it is mainly so the class teachers have an idea of where everyone is at. Its a non-event really because us parents never find out the kids results.

Sarah said...

Oh ok - I just have visions of Violet flat out refusing to do it! and thats not even bringing into account the fact she wont be able to do any of it.

She is very non-compliant most of the time...boy school is going to have fun with her!