Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Wheelchair Fundraising

Well, Dave's work colleagues finished their raffle for Violet's wheelchair on Friday and they managed to raise $1855 which is fantastic of them all! However, we still need a further $2495 to purchase the wheelchair.

The quotes are now all in and varied from $4125 right through to $7317. We are pretty sure we will go ahead with a Mogo as they were the most versatile and after all they are Australian made.

I have decided to do some further fundraising but may have to resort to doing that on here through the use of paypal, in the hope to raise at least some of the remainder. I wouldn't normally resort to this, but we need to finish raising these funds.


Mazzmerise said...

good luck and Ill give a small amount would give more if I had it ♥

Sarah said...

Thanks for the offer Mazz, but I am not keen for other mums of children with special needs etc to donate...just feels wrong when we all have our own things we need to save for.