Monday, 18 October 2010

School Orientation

(see the great right hand/arm above = The great result from botox! Thank goodness it still works on her arm!)

Finally we have school orientation dates for Violet!

They are the 9th, 16th and 23rd November. Unfortunately, Violet can not attend the one on the 23rd as we have her appointment in the Physical Disability Clinic the same day. We will have to have additional orientation days for her anyway.

When I asked the schools principal the other day if he had anything in place for Violet when she attends these orientation days i.e assistance, safety etc as we have to leave her there, he said no. So, as she was approved for the Kids on the Move program which helps with transition to school providing 11 funded visits, I have opted to use 2 of these funded visits for these orientations. What other choice do we have? She cant just be simply dropped off there with nothing!

There is also an information night that the Kids on the Move are providing and they like the preschool and primary school teachers to attend for the transition process. I asked him if he would be able to attend and of course he said he is not sure yet. Well, let me tell you if he doesn't try to attend, I will not be happy at all. I know they are all quite anxious about Violet's start there and if they have the opportunity to talk to someone that knows her i.e her preschool teacher, he will have a better idea about Violet.

He also mentioned that most of the parents are aware of her starting school in January and they are concerned about "how the community will cope" and also "how the school will cope" I was shocked! I think if they already have that mentality then the next few months/year, there will be some very interesting conversations.

All I said was that we are unsure how Violet will cope with school ourselves and that all we can do is wait and see. As far as the community goes well...I don't give a damn as Violet is entitled to attend there and be given the chance to have the same opportunities as every other child there regardless of her labels!


Laura said...

Wow Sarah, that's all I can say...WOW! I think a principal would have a black eye and many grievances against him here if that was his attitude. So, school's there do not have special education departments designed to deal with children like Violet? I'm in shock that a country that boasts good health care can be so backwards about special education. It is SOOOO very different here, and I think you'd fall over to hear how much the schools do to adapt to the needs to special students. I'm so sorry that you're having a rough time with all of this and hope that it gets better as the school year goes on.

Mazzmerise said...

{{hugs}} Sarah. we only got one day orientation for Alex last year but the school here was wonderful different needs though. and I was allowed to stay for the 2 hrs as she was very clingy

OMG the school should be ready for her as its not that far off and you as a parent want to feel comfortable knowing she will be in a good environment, maybe when she starts inquire about the camp quality puppets they teach kids about not being mean or to pick on other children due to them being different I know its a cancer story but they do school shows free to all schools I have the video on my blog from Alex's school visit :)

thinking of you and Violet with these days coming up ♥

Belinda said...

Love the pic, not the "Community".

Sending you both positive outcome wishes for the school journey. xx.

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

As I kinda said elsewhere, sounds like the principal has a lot to learn - as does ours... :-(

Looked up that Kids on The Move program - looks excellent, wish it was available in our area!

Have fun during school orientation Miss V! Gorgeous photo, and beautiful hand.

Dianne said...

Good luck with the school orientation sessions! Sorry to hear about the negative attitudes :-(. I hope once she's spent some time in the classroom the school will see that all they need is a positive attitude and open minds to make it work xo