Friday, 24 September 2010

Wheelchair Clinic

This morning Violet had Wheelchair Clinic at The Spastic Centre.

Went reasonably well considering Violet is sick at the moment and was not up to trialling them all properly. I really couldn't cancel as it takes so long to organise these suppliers to come out on a day that suits a lot of different clients.

We are getting quotes on the following chairs:

We also go back for one more company on the 7th October which is Mogo, this is the same company that make Violet's current loan chair from The Spastic Centre.

I have very expensive taste...I love titanium chairs...can't get over how light they are! My back would love me if we could afford it!

Dave's work mates have stated a raffle about a month ago and are hoping to raise a fair amount for the purchase of the chair.

I welcome any thoughts of anyone out there that may have had any of these chairs?


Belinda said...

Good luck with it all!

Hope Violet is feeling better soon. xx.

Alison said...

We have the Quickie GTX and love it. It is a great fit for Ashlea and good for self-propelling (short distances). Its NOT titanium though - my back told me to tell you that, but I do manage to put it in and out of the van all in one piece. Only because I am too lazy to have to re-assemble it.

We also looked at Otto Bock - they have great chairs but the seat was just too big for Ashlea. I've heard good things about Mogo too. I think they're all good chairs - it comes down to what works best for Violet.

I hope she is feeling better soon.

Melissa and Luke Young said...

Good Luck with choosing the right chair and raising the money. Hope its successful x

Josephine said...

Good luck deciding!! Who knew that there were so many options??!

Carla said...

Good Luck with the wheelchairs. I'm with you on the titanium, so light!

Mazzmerise said...

Good luck with choosing and hope the fundraising goes well to help with the purchase♥

Hope Violet is feeling better soon

Rosalie said...

We have one similar to the second one, and Deana loves it!

As you have seen she is quite quick with and loves the independence.

Are you guys not elegible for PADP funding? That's how we got Deana's chair.

I hope Violet feels better soon.

Sarah said...

Yeah just way too long to wait thru PADP.

Sarah said...

I have a Quickie GT. I love it. I have trouble even thinking about getting anything but a Quickie.

April said...

Good luck deciding! (love the picture on your header...)